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Our wholesale adhesive department offers a huge variety of glues for all manner of craft, business and household tasks. Whether you are looking for bulk supplies of all-purpose adhesives or are after something a little more specialised, such as super-strength glues or craft glues, we've got just what you're looking for in our wide selection. Here in our wholesale adhesive collection, you'll find super-strength glues, such as a number of super-glues, from a variety of manufacturers and in a range of handy pack sizes. We stock a selection of glues for casual hobbyists and dedicated professionals alike, and our selection has something to meet just about any general need. We stock staples for any office or home such as the famous Bostik Pritt Stick, which has a multitude of uses. Used in classrooms, homes, offices and businesses all over the world, stick glues are easy to use and don't make a mess as other glues can do. We also stock wholesale craft glue which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. We've got epoxy glue and super-strong glues, as well as the general-purpose PVA glue which is an essential for any crafter. Our glues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you'll find wholesale bottle glue, solid glue and glue which comes in a handy applicator tube for precise application. As well as wholesale craft glue and general-purpose glue, we also stock a selection of handy sticking aids such as the unbeatable Blu Tack. One of those items most homes and businesses can always find a use for, sticky tack of all kinds can make a great impulse buy for customers if you're in the retail trade.

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  • Super Glue 3g 5 pack

    5 Pack Super Glue 3g Quick Dry If you want to order 1 Carton, add 48 units to your basket.
  • Clear Tape 24mm x 20mm 4 pack

    A Pack of 4 Clear Tape 24mm x 20mm If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive 1 pack of 4 Clear Tape 24mm x 20mm If you want to order...
  • Masking Tape 2 pack

    2 Pack Masking Tape  Ideal for sealing, fixing, marking and light duty packaging  12m per roll. This is a 2 Pack of 12 m(per roll) of masking tape, it is...
  • Blackspur Black Supertough Cloth Tape

    Black Supertough Cloth Tape approximately Size L10m x W50mm 36 Units/Carton This super tough cloth/gaffer tape is waterproof and can be used for heavy-duty packaging and binding, emergency repairs, sealing...
  • Gorilla Black Tape

    Gorilla Black Tape Grips Smooth, Rough And Uneven Surfaces Stronger Thicker Tougher All Weather Shell That Withstands Moisture, UV Rays And Extreme Temperatures Tough Mesh Backing Adds Strength If you...
  • Bostik Pritt Stick 11g

    Pritt Stick 11g. Clean Easy and reliable gluing for paper cardboard and photos. Solvent free and washable Pritt Stick 11g 12 Units Per carton
  • Gorilla Clear Mounting Tape 1.52m

    Gorilla Clear Mounting Tape 1.52m Bonds Easily To Anything And Is Fully Weatherproof Holds Up To 30lbs If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive 1 pack of Gorilla...
  • Gorilla Glue 115ml

    Gorilla Glue 115ml Suitable For Bonding Stone, Metal, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Foam & More Solvent Free Waterproof, Weather Resistant & Temperature Resistant Flexible, Sandable And Paintable If you add 1...
  • Gorilla Glue 60ml

    Gorilla Glue 60ml Incredibly Strong 100% Waterproof Solvent-Free Can Be Painted And Stained When Cured Goes On Dark, Dries Light Tan Cures In 1 To 2 Hours 6 Units Per...
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