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Here at MX Wholesale, we understand that it’s the smaller products that keep a household running. From DIY tools to continually improve the home to simple everyday supplies such as bin bags, we can help to equip your customers with all the necessary tools and accessories to keep their home and garden looking in tip top shape without having to break the bank.

Quality Wholesale Housewares

There are so many day to day products that are necessary to running a household, they make for perfect stock in your shop that are guaranteed to be big sellers. We have a wide selection of wholesale kitchen essentials ready to cater to every aspect of housekeeping from cleaning to cooking and more. Our DIY & Home Improvements department also includes a vast selection of DIY products that can assist with larger projects or simply help with fixing smaller repairs around the home. Included within our Home & Garden department is a selection of wholesale home electrical supplies to work alongside our DIY equipment.

Household Goods from MX Wholesale

Outside the home is just as important as the interior, so we’ve got a fantastic selection of wholesale gardening supplies that customers will make as one-off purchases as well as disposable items that will have them returning for replacement purchases. Other disposable wholesale housewares we supply include wholesale carrier bags and bin bags for home and garden refuse, and even plentiful supplies of bottled water and snacks. Make sure your customers pets are cared for too with our selection of wholesale pet supplies & toys.

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