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Here at MX Wholesale, we understand that it’s the smaller products that keep a household running. From DIY tools to continually improve the home to simple everyday supplies such as bin bags, we can help to equip your customers with all the necessary tools and accessories to keep their home and garden looking in tip top shape without having to break the bank.

Quality Wholesale Housewares

There are so many day to day products that are necessary to running a household, they make for perfect stock in your shop that are guaranteed to be big sellers. We have a wide selection of wholesale kitchen essentials ready to cater to every aspect of housekeeping from cleaning to cooking and more. Our DIY & Home Improvements department also includes a vast selection of DIY products that can assist with larger projects or simply help with fixing smaller repairs around the home. Included within our Home & Garden department is a selection of wholesale home electrical supplies to work alongside our DIY equipment.

Household Goods from MX Wholesale

Outside the home is just as important as the interior, so we’ve got a fantastic selection of wholesale gardening supplies that customers will make as one-off purchases as well as disposable items that will have them returning for replacement purchases. Other disposable wholesale housewares we supply include wholesale carrier bags and bin bags for home and garden refuse, and even plentiful supplies of bottled water and snacks. Make sure your customers pets are cared for too with our selection of wholesale pet supplies & toys.

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  • Splash XL Super Absorbent 2ply Kitchen Towel 4pk - Case of 6 Splash XL Kitchen Towels

    Splash Super Absorbent 2ply Kitchen Towel 4pk - Case of 6

    Splash Super Absorbent 2ply Kitchen Towel 4pk - Case of 6. Super absorbent kitchen towels with emboss are ideal for cleaning spills and messes around the kitchen. Extra thick 2...
  • 5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m Tape Measure

    Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m

    5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover Can be locked for accurate measuring Rubber case for extra grip This is a 5m/16ft tape measure which can be locked into place for...
  • Astonish Bathroom Cleaner 750ml-Case of 12

    Astonish Bathroom Cleaner 750ml All over bathroom solution which removes soap scum, water marks and limescale. Cleans to leaves a streak free shine. Fresh pine fragrance. Ideal for use on...
  • Paintbrush Set 5pc

    5pc Paintbrush Set  2 x 12 mm, 2 x 25 mm and 1x 50 mm  Wooden handle for easy grip/use This is a 5pk Paintbrush Set, which includes 2 x...
  • 8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump T Handle Bicycle Pump

    T Handle Bicycle Pump 8 Inch -pack of 6

    8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump Complete with hose includes football pin includes plastic inflatable attachment This T Handle Bicycle pump has a easy grip T handle for more efficient use....
  • 14pc Hexagon Key Set Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    14pc Hexagon Key Set Used for DIY purposes This hexagon key set comes in a 14pc, used for DIY purposes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive...
  • Astonish Fabric Stain Remover 750ml - Case of 12

    Astonish Fabric Stain Remover 750ml Pre-laundry stain remover On the spot formulation Instant, easy to use formula is superb either as a pre-laundry cleaner or a spot stain remover. Removes...
  • toilet brush Toilet Brush With Holder in net

    Toilet Brush With Holder

    White Toilet Brush with Holder Quick and easy tool to use to clean the toilet 26CM tall Easy grip handle 24 Units Per Carton This handy toilet brush comes with...
  • Astonish Oxy Active Stain Powder 500g

    Suitable for adding to laundry or soaking On the spot stain removal formulation Removes unpleasant odours Brightens whites and colours Astonish Oxy Active Stain Powder Is A powerful stain removing...
  • Astonish Fabric Freshener & Deodoriser 750ml-Case of 12

    Astonish Fabric Freshener & Deodoriser 750ml For carpets, curtains and upholstery. Safe Kills Odours Easy to Use Trigger Spray Action Astonish Fabric Freshener & Deodoriser 750ml. For carpets, curtains and...
  • Scraper Set 3pc

    3pc Scraper Set 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm. Can be used to remove wallpaper to refresh the home. 3pc scraper set with the best wholesale price is Ideal for all DIY...
  • Bettina All Purpose Cloths 20 pcs - PACK OF 10

    All Purpose Cloths 20 Pcs Approximate Size 30cm x 60cm Absorbent And Soft Ideal For Home, Garden And Car 20 Pieces Per Pack 60 Packs Per Carton
  • Super Glue 3g 5 pack- case of 12

    5 Pack Super Glue 3g Quick Dry If you want to order 1 Carton, add 48 units to your basket.
  • Brown Packaging Tape 2 pack

    2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape 48mm wide and 20 metres long 48 Units/Carton This 2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape is 48mm wide and 20 metres long. It is...
  • Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750ml

    Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750ml Fantastic cleaner for all showers, simply spray on & rinse off. Shines & protects. Removes limescale. Unique dual action formulation keeping your shower hygienically clean...
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