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Laundry products will always be in great demand, so you have come to the right place to stock up on a huge selection of items that aim to clean, care for and protect fabrics. As a wholesaler with a wealth of experience in understanding what consumers want, we have carefully sourced an extensive assortment of laundry products that will cater for every need. You can expect practical, hard working products that clean and care to perfection, with reputable brand names that consumers can trust. Keeping costs as low as possible, you can purchase our laundry products at affordable prices, allowing you to maximise your profit potential. Since the items are essential and functional, they offer excellent saleability prospects and are guaranteed not to linger on any shelves or storerooms for long. Many consumers have different laundry washing needs, so we stock a wide range of cheap washing powder products to satisfy every demand. From powder to tablets, bio to non-bio, you can select various fragrances to offer ample choice. As well as cheap washing powder, we also stock affordable concentrate solutions and stain removers to keep laundry as fresh and clean as possible. For convenience and keeping costs down, we also enable you to purchase all of your laundry requirements under one roof. As well as providing cheap washing powder and concentrates, you can also find a large assortment of associated laundry products, including different colours and styles of laundry baskets and storage bags. Consumers appreciate having choice, and with our variety of different types and sizes of clothes pegs, including wooden clothes pegs, plastic clothes pegs, travel pegs, dryers and airers, your customers will easily find exactly what they are looking for.

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  • Astonish stain remover 750ml

    Astonish stain remover 750ml is an Instant, easy to use formula is  superb either as a pre-laundry cleaner or a spot stain remover. Removes stubborn stains from carpets, clothing and...
  • 44 pack Wooden Clothes Pegs

    44pc Wooden Clothes Pegs, This pack contains traditional spring loaded wooden clothes pegs. 44 pack Wooden Clothes Pegs Used to be 50pc- Recently changed to 44pc 48 Units Per Carton
  • Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Sunburst 960ml

    Add a burst of summer to your clothes. Comfort Intense Sunburst Fabric Conditioner 960ml gives you intensely fresh clothes straight out of the wash. Every drop is super-concentrated with special...
  • Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fuchsia Passion 960ml

    Every drop of Comfort Intense Fuchsia Passion Fabric Conditioner 960ml is super-concentrated and designed to release intense freshness from every drop. It is formulated to create long-lasting fragrance, Comfort Intense...
  • Surf Colour Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylangs Washing Tablets

    Surf Colour Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylangs Washing Powder

    Surf Colour Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylangs Washing Powder Has A Long Lasting Fragrance And Does Up To 28 Washes. Surf Washing Powder Surf Colour Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylangs...
  • Comfort Pure 960ml Fabric Conditioner

    New Comfort Pure, has been developed together with mums, using only the kindest ingredients for the most gentle and sensitive skin. Its delicate formula is dermatologically tested. Every drop is...
  • Vacuum Storage Bag

    Vacuum Storage Bag ,80cm x 60cm ,2 scents: Lavender & Fresh Linen. Vacuum Storage Bag 80cm x 60cm 24 Units/Case
  • Non Bio 2 In 1 Laundry Liquid Tropical Papaya & Passion Flower 840ml

    Added fabric conditioner 12 Units per carton   Astonish 2 in 1 laundry liquid with added fabric conditioner will leave your clothes brilliantly clean and soft next to skin. Whilst...
  • Vanish Oxi Action 500g

    Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover powder is a powerful way to help keep your clothes and other fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh. Vanish's Oxi Action formula attacks all...
  • Astonish Oxy Plus 2kg

    This PLUS variant is the toughest Oxy stain remover, super concentrated its ideal for those tougher than usual stains Astonish Oxy Plus 2kg
  • Ariel 3in1 Pods 12's

    Extraordinary cleaning power in one little pod. Ariel 3in1 Pods Original washing capsules have a unique multi-compartment design that keeps the ingredients stable and separate until they reach the wash,...
  • Astonish Peony & Magnolia Non Bio Delicate Wash 840ml

    Astonish Super Concentrate Non Bio Delicate Laundry Wash (Peony & Magnolia) 840ml. Highly effective (21 Washes) Concentrated Laundry liquid that removes stains at all wash temperatures.The 4 in 1 action...
  • Standard Metalised Ironing Board Cover

    Standard Metalised Ironing Board Cover, Longer Lasting with Non Slip Surface. Steam or Dry Iron,Fits most Ironing Boards. Foam Backed for Smooth Ironing. Easy and Secure Fitting. Standard Metalised Ironing Board Cover Approx Size;...
  • Astonish Lavender & Ylang Ylang Non Bio Wash 840ml

    Working effectively to remove stains even for quick washes at cool wash temperatures Astonish Non Bio Wash Super Concentrate`s unique combination of vegetable soap and detergents cleans & freshens your...
  • Small Check Shopping Bag

    These Small Check Shopping Bags Are Made From A Standard Quality PVC. The Approx Size Of Each Bag Is 14" x 16" x 8" - 36 x 41 x 20...
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