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In this section you can find an array of tools and consumables from a variety of manufacturers, many of which at bargain wholesale prices.

There are a plethora of products that people need to buy on a day-to-day basis, whether to carry out common tasks or to complete simple repairs. Often these are ‘distress’ purchases that the customer only realises they need at the last minute. This makes them a good choice for local convenience and hardware stores looking to boost their business.

The range of wholesale consumables covers everyday DIY tools such as hammers, hacksaws, screwdrivers and drill bits in addition to hand-cranked torches and LED headband lamps for those tricky tasks such as fixing fuses in the dark. There are also toolboxes to keep everything in so that each tool can be found when it is needed. There is also a wide selection of decorating tools, including paint rollers, trays, brushes, masking tape, fillers, and essentials such as white spirit.

Our wholesale consumables include a range of adhesives ideal for most household tasks. There is the old all-purpose standby superglue, plus wallpaper pastes and high-power adhesives for heavier jobs. There are also a selection of fillers, ranging from sealant for around the bath to expanding foam to fill bigger holes.

Lubricants are something else that is always in demand. Among our wholesale consumables are oils, penetrating maintenance sprays and greases to cope with most home lubricating tasks and get things moving. If there is stuff moving when it shouldn’t, consumers may well be on the look out for duct tape to hold it in place. This is a product that is always in demand.

Finally most homes need electrical bits and pieces. It is always frustrating to get home with a new piece of equipment and find nowhere to plug it in, which means adaptors and extension leads are always steady sellers.

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