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As more people take up various sports and do more exercise, the market for wholesale sports equipment has grown. In addition to sports equipment, there is also a market for all forms of leisure equipment, from car and bike accessories to camping equipment and travel accessories. In addition to specific sporting goods for use by adults, there is also a huge variety of sporting goods and leisure equipment for children and families. 

One of the most popular sporting pursuits is fishing, so fishing equipment is perfect, particularly during the summer months. There are hand fishing lines or crab lines, which are ideal for those with children, and a more professional type of fishing line from Gone Fishing that measures 100 metres long and suitable for catching fish up to 15lbs. Tennis equipment is also popular wholesale sports equipment, particularly tennis balls that come in packs of three, whilst sets of two racquets and balls are perfect for kids. Balls will always sell well. There are inflatable beach balls in various sizes and colours and panel-stitched footballs that are suitable for games of football. Pump needles for inflation are also available. 

There are bungee cords for the more adventurous, while kids will be drawn to a great selection of skipping ropes in various colours. For those who have children, there is a great range of pop-up and inflatable paddling pools in a large number of designs and various sizes. If you are stocking items for leisure, there is a great selection of car and bike accessories including car cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and puncture repair kits. You’ll also find camping equipment and travel accessories including travel bottles, neck pillows and children's ride-on luggage.

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