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Cleaning products are the most commonly used household items. MX Wholesale supplies the lowest price for cleaners, cleaning equipment, tools, accessories, materials and chemicals you need for cleaning. We are leading UK suppliers on all cleaning products and have complete range of products here. MX Wholesale provides best online shopping experience for you. You don’t need to open trade account or place bulk order; our membership is free and we are flexible in all order size. Our price will match with different order quantity. All range of orders from small, medium or bulks are acceptable here. Feel free to shop online!

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  • Multy Sponge Scourers A pack of 10

    Multy Sponge Scourers A pack of 10 are an every day necessity for all kitchens, bathrooms and cleaning chores. With 10 in a pack these sponge pads offer real value...
  • 750ml spray Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner with vinegar

    This 750ml spray Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner is a hard working cleaner with vinegar, specially formulated to remove tough stains and grease from windows without leaving streaks. easy to...
  • Dustpan And Brush

    Dustpan And Brush Dustpan And Brush 46 Units Per Carton
  • Astonish Antibacterial Surface Cleanser 750ml

    astonish antibacterial cleanser 750ml This powerful cleaner can be used all around the home and kills e-coli salmonella listeria and streptococci. Safe to use on all surfaces including food areas....
  • Parazone Bleach Original 750ml

    Parazone kills 99.9% of germs giving you total reassurance that your loo is clean and safe. If you want no-nonsense germ-killing power without losing freshness choose Parazone. Parazone Strongest Bleach...
  • 1 pair rubber gloves Medium Size

    1 pair rubber gloves Medium Size Perfect for General Use 2 Assorted Colours Each pack contain 1 pair rubber gloves Medium size If you want to order 1 carton, each...
  • 6 pack yellow dusters

    6 pack yellow dusters are Soft & caring 100% cotton yet extremely heavy duty. these dusters can be used dry or damp to make cleaning simpler and reduce handling of...
  • Astonish stain remover 750ml

    Astonish stain remover 750ml is an Instant, easy to use formula is  superb either as a pre-laundry cleaner or a spot stain remover. Removes stubborn stains from carpets, clothing and...
  • Zoflora 56ml

    Zoflora 56ml 3 In 1 Action 4 Assorted Fragrances - Rose Lavender Bouquet And Country Garden 24 Units Per Carton Zoflora 56ml 3 In 1 Action Bouquet Concentrated Disinfectant A...
  • Astonish Fabric Freshener & Deodoriser 750ml

    Astonish Fabric Freshener & Deodoriser 750ml. For carpets, curtains and upholstery. Specially formulated to eliminate odours by penetrating deep down and neutralising trapped smells. Effectively deodorises cooking, musty/stale pet and...
  • Telescopic Chenille Noodle Duster

    This telescopic chenille noodle duster has double sided microfibre dusting noodles for best cleaning results Picks up dust and static like a magnet. Extendable handle means difficult places are easier...
  • Astonish 1 Litre Machine Carpet Shampoo

    Astonish Machine Carpet Shampoo 1 Litre The two in one carpet shampoo that is all you need for your electric machine. This unique formula has a built in de-foamer saving...
  • Astonish Tablet Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    tablet Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5 Tablets have been specially formulated to give your toilet a deep clean. Quick and easy to use the tablets start working immediately with a foaming...
  • A Pack Of 2 Steel Scourers

    A Pack Of 2 Steel Scourers Each Pack include 2 Steel Scourers(If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive A pack including 2 Steel Scourers) Shift stubborn stains and baked...
  • 3 pack Imperial Leather 100g Soap Bars

    3 pack of Imperial Leather soap. each is 100g, this branded soap is perfect for your bathroom. 3 pack Imperial Leather 100g Soap Bars
  • Microfibre Window & Mirror Cloth 2oc

    This Bettina 2pc microfibre window & mirror cloth is ideal for mirrors, glass and shiny surfaces. The bettina microfibre cloths are lint free and doesn't scratch. Microfibre Window & Mirror...
  • Kitchen Cleaning Pack

    This Bettina Kitchen Cleaning Pack Pack contains: 4 x all purpose cloths, 1 x scouring wizard (non scratch), 1 x easy grip sponge scourer, 1 x heavy duty spiral scourer,...
  • Carex Handwash 250ml - Original

    Carex Complete, antibacterial hand wash works in seconds to help Cleans, Care and Protect so you and your family can feel free to live life hands on Our trusted, expertly...
  • Radiator Brush Tonkita

    Radiator brush with resistant and flexible metal wire Fits easily between the siphons to reach deep spaces Semi-rigid bristles, for effective capture of fine dust and cobwebs. Radiator Brush Tonkita Radiator brush with resistant...
  • Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power

    The Flash Magic Eraser Extra Power: Your solution for hard stains. Try it on anything: from grimy baths to greasy microwaves, from crayons on walls to grouting between tiles and...
  • Astonish Lemon Cream Cleaner 500ml

    Astonish Lemon Cream Cleaner is specially formulated to lift stubborn stains, grease and ground dirt from hard surfaces all around the home. Will clean hard surfaces without scratching, leaving NO...
  • All Purpose Cloths 20Pcs

    All Purpose Cloths 20 Pcs Approximate Size 30cm x 60cm Absorbent And Soft Ideal For Home, Garden And Car 20 Pieces Per Pack 60 Packs Per Carton
  • 4 pack Floor Cloths

    Roll of 4 Quality floor cloths are soft and made from 100% cotton. Theses floor cloths come in a pack of 4 and are of our highest quality. They are...
  • 2 Pack Bottle Brushes

    Having trouble cleaning pesky bottles with an ordinary dish cloth? Worry no more - these bottle brushes will do all the hard work for you to ensure your bottles are...
  • Premium Scouring Wizard 3pc

    This Bettina 3pc premium scouring wizard effectively removes stubborn burnt on stains from pots and pans including delicate and non-stick surfaces. For use on very delicate surfaces test on inconspicuous...
  • Bettina Wooden Scrub Brush

    Bettina Wooden Scrub Brush Bettina Wooden Scrub Brush 33 Units Per Carton
  • Mop Bucket With Wringer Lime Green

    Mop Bucket With Wringer Lime Green Mop Bucket With Wringer Lime Green 10 Units Per Carton
  • 1 pair rubber gloves Small

    These Small Rubber gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex. They are flexible, comfortable to wear and offers a high degree of sensitivity. These Rubber Gloves Are Ideal For General...
  • Household Rubber Gloves Large

    Theses household Gloves 1 pair large are flexible, comfortable to wear and offers a high degree of sensitivity. The Rubber gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex.Ideal for Washing up,...
  • Dettol Wipes Large Antibacterial Lemon

    Dettol Wipes contains 20 large antibacterial wipes with lemon scent. This Dettol multi-purpose wipe is power & fresh with citrus and can be used on all hard washable surfaces to...
  • Mop bucket with wringer Oatmeal

    Mop bucket with wringer Oatmeal, Available at 15L Capacity Mop bucket with wringer Oatmeal 15L Capacity 12 Units/Carton
  • Microfibre Cloth 4pc

    Bettina 4pc Microfibre Cloth Microfibre Cloth 120 Units Per Carton
  • Roll of 8 Wheelie Bin Liners

    Roll of 8 Wheelie Bin Liners 8 bags per roll Extra Strong, Buy British Extra Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners Made in ENGLAND  From 100% Recycled Material 8 Bags on...
  • Window Squeegee 1pc

      Window Squeegee 1pc 3 Assorted Colours 24 Units Per Carton
  • Adhesive Lint Roller

    This Bettina adhesive lint roller is quick and easy to use. The adhesive sheets effectively removes hair and fluff from clothes carpet furniture ect. Adhesive Lint Roller Easily Removes Lint...
  • Bettina 10pc Multi Purpose Cloth

    Bettina 10pc Multi Purpose Cloth Bettina 10pc Multi Purpose Cloth 100 Units Per Carton
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