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Air Fresheners & Room Fragrances

Air fresheners and room fragrances are frequently purchased products for homes and businesses, so you can expect high demand when selling these essential everyday items. Our wide range of wholesale air fresheners and room fragrances are available in a selection of different sizes and styles, including spray cans, gels, sticks, plug-in applicators and candles, giving customers unrivalled choice. Throughout our range there is a great variety of different types of smells to choose from ranging from fruity scents, to floral notes and soothing lavender. We are fortunate enough to be able to sell our wholesale air fresheners and room fragrances at rock-bottom prices, which offers great benefits to retailers. By stocking these everyday essentials, you can offer your products at competitive prices, whilst helping to boost your own profit margins. In addition to the cost advantage of our cheap air fresheners, you can expect great saleability prospects from these household items, ensuring that your stock levels move fast and won't be left to gather dust. As well as the standard selection of air fresheners, you can also offer your customers products that stand out from the crowd, and offer a number of alternative options for adding fragrance to a room. Diffusers, scented beads, candles and pot pourri exude a gentle, long-lasting aroma, and are ideal for customers seeking something different to traditional sprays. Our cheap air fresheners are perfect for those customers who are looking to freshen up a room with a pleasing aroma, but we also provide a range of products that can improve air quality. Dehumidifiers are sought-after items that can help to extract moisture from the air, reducing the likelihood of troublesome problems such as condensation, mildew and mould.

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