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With a constant demand for portable power in everything from TV remotes and game controllers to electronic toys and watches, cheap batteries are a high-turnover item with an extremely broad customer base and great potential for profit.

The best-known brands, such as Duracell and Panasonic, trade on a solid reputation for longevity and reliability, but this comes with a premium price that might deter those looking for a quick fix. Cheap batteries are ideal for use in smaller items, such as remote controls, where power consumption is extremely low. Budget brands have the added benefit of having a lower wholesale purchase price, further increasing profitability. By stocking both premium and cheap batteries across a variety of brands and sizes, you can easily cover all price points and maximise potential sales.

AA and AAA batteries are by far the most popular and are available in a variety of pack sizes. Nine-volt batteries, along with larger C and D cell batteries are less commonly used and can therefore be stocked in smaller numbers. They are available in single or double packs.

Button batteries have a wide range of uses. Due to their small size, they often need replacing on a regular basis. This means that multi-packs may represent the best value for customers. The long shelf life of all our wholesale batteries helps ensure that both you and your buyers get a premium product that represents fantastic value for money.

EU regulations mean that land-based stores selling certain quantities of batteries must offer recycling facilities to offset environmental concerns. Another strategy is to sell rechargeable batteries and the associated chargers. These items have a lower turnover but this is offset by significantly higher returns on each sale.

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