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Many shops have a niche in the market, such as fresh food, newspaper deliveries, cookware, DIY stock or groceries; however, it can pay off to diversify a little. Most shops could sell a few extra items that complement their existing stock; for example, a grocery store could also sell sealable fruit and veg bags or bin liners. These little extras will mean customers can spend more in your shop rather than with a rival. It may also mean they call in to see if you have everyday household items such as disposable gloves or microfibre cloths for cleaning. Wholesale homewares are cheap for you to stock and easy to sell, as they are everyday items that people need. They also tend to be the kind of thing that people buy once they have run out, which means they are probably not going to head to the big retail centre or supermarket just for items such as a few bin bags, garden refuse bags or freezer bags. By buying a range of wholesale homewares you can provide more of a service to your customers. You could stock ant and insect spray in the summer along with electric bug zappers, replacing them with snow shovels, hot water bottles and children’s fleece throws in the winter. Other useful items include corkscrews, tin openers, household fuses, clocks, candles, glasses, disposable plates, scart socket adapters and mops. Most of these items are long-lasting and non-perishable, which means nothing will go to waste. Just think about your customers and what they may need. If the people you serve are mostly pensioners, they will have different needs to families with young children. Bear this in mind when you are ordering items.

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