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While many businesses may be making a move away from promoting smoking, it’s undeniable that smoking products and paraphernalia are still an excellent source of income for many small businesses with a large percentage of the population still choosing to smoke either regularly or socially. This means that wholesale smoking products are still a great choice of stock that’s guaranteed to sell at a profit for your business.

Smoke Shop at MX Wholesale

Here at MX Wholesale our smoke shop includes items suitable for rolling cigarettes including premium quality wholesale smoking papers, brand name wholesale filter tips, and disposable and novelty lighters. For those whose customers prefer cigars, we also stock a wide selection of wholesale brand name blunts and rips in different flavours. In addition to our wholesale smoking paraphernalia, we stock a vast range of smoking accessories from wholesale tobacco tins to rolling machines and grinders.

MX Wholesale E-Cigarettes

A great way to make sure that you’re still profiting from the popularity of smoking without contributing to health risks is to invest in wholesale electronic cigarettes. Their ever increasing popularity means that they’re a guaranteed high seller for your business that simultaneously encourages your customers to quit harmful smoking. A smart choice for the modern age, our e-cigarettes at MX Wholesale are of a proven high quality and are available with a selection of accessories including e-liquid and premium vapour starter kits.

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