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Blackspur Tools

MX Wholesale are pleased to be able to offer you a full range of Blackspur tools at excellent wholesale prices. Over recent years Blackspur have carried out a full re-branding, introducing better packaging and some new products. Feel free to browse through the Black Spur products below and if there is anything you are looking for and cannot find please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff who will be happy to help. Tools represent a product category that benefits from a very wide demand base. Professionals are always on the look out for good-quality, cost-effective gear for carrying out their business operations, with high standards being their biggest priority in some areas and low prices in others. The amateur customer base is also huge, with just about every household maintaining at least some kind of toolkit for ad-hoc DIY tasks. Avid DIYers will go a great deal further than this, regularly expanding their range of tools or replacing old items. Enthusiasts and occasional do-it-yourselfers alike will occasionally find themselves looking for cheap specific tools after suddenly finding they need them for a certain task. Tools are therefore steady sellers for many retailers, with some specialising exclusively in this area and others incorporating tools as a category in wider product ranges. They are particularly prevalent in low-cost, discount and bargain retail outlets, both bricks-and-mortar and online. These types of business find that affordable tools are a great way to capture amateur interest, people who need to pick up the right tool for a job quickly and cheaply and, in some areas, professionals keeping their costs down. For this reason, MX Wholesale is pleased to offer a wide and varied selection of wholesale Blackspur tools. Blackspur is a prominent tool brand which has very much specialised in providing robust quality at affordable prices. They are commonly found on the shelves and virtual shelves of a number of retailers, both big and small, and their products have a place in many a toolbox. Wholesale Blackspur tools are ideal for businesses that want to provide good standards of quality at low prices to buyers of hardware products, and the range on offer includes everything from basic DIY kit to specialist tools and gardening gear.

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  • 2 pack Kitchen scissors

    This Great value 2 piece set of Heavy duty household scissors made with stainless steel blades are Ideal for use around the home or office. 2 pack Kitchen scissors  96...
  • 650mm Cable Bicycle Lock

    This Cable Bicycle Lock is the best way to ensure the safety of your bike while you are not around it. Made with steel cables and polypropylene (pp) lockhead it...
  • Black Supertough Cloth Tape

    This super tough cloth/gaffer tape is waterproof and can be used for heavy-duty packaging and binding, emergency repairs, sealing from moisture, temporary cable management and much more. Each roll is...
  • 10pc Metal Garden Tent Pegs

    This set of 10 Garden Pegs can be used to secure all sorts of garden items firmly on the ground from netting, cloches and gazebos to tents. Manufactured from steel,...
  • 15pc Artist paint brush set

    This 15 piece Artist paint brush set Includes a Variety of flat and tipped brushes in assorted sizes. The paint brush set is ideal for expert or beginners. These brushes...
  • Litter Picker - Pick up Grab Tool

    This Grab tool is lightweight & easy to use with a squeeze trigger handle. Ideal aid for picking up a variety of objects with minimum bending or reaching, it can...
  • 10 pack of carpenters pencils

    These soft leaded carpenter pencils are ideal for clearly marking saw lines or drill points on wood and come in a pack of 10. Each pencil is approximately 175mm. 10...
  • 16oz rubber mallet tubular steel shaft

    This 16oz mallet has a solid rubber head with a tubular steel shaft and comfortable rubber grip. This Rubber mallet is 33cm long. Ideal for Fishing, Camping, Workshops etc
  • 10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover

    10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover 10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover 24 Units Per Carton

    10PC White Solar MINI Chinese Lantern Set

    These traditional Chinese style lanterns are IP44 waterproof & each lantern has a super white LED bulb. They come with a solar panel & require 1 x NiMH 600mAh rechargeable...
  • 2 inch paint brush

    This 2 inch paint brush has a varnished red hollow plastic handle and is manufactured with black PET synthetic bristles. This 2 inch paint brush also has provides a high...
  • Mini Paint Roller Set

    This Mini Paint Roller Set is suitable for use with emulsion paints on smooth surfaces, this mini roller and tray set will make painting your home even easier. It has...
  • Shackleless Padlock

    This heavy duty, chrome plated steel padlock has a fully enclosed bolt for extra security; a pick resistant, 6 pin barrel lock; 2 part shrouded hasp & is corrosion resistant....
  • Jumbo Hook Set

    These strong metal hooks come with plastic end pieces & can be used in the shed, garage or cupboard. Two fixing screws are provided for each hook. Jumbo Hook Set...
  • heated gloves

    Ladies Heated Thinsulate Gloves

    Ladies Heated Thinsulate Gloves, Manufactured from 3M Thinsulate™ fibre featuring a thermal soft acrylic lining for added heat retention as well as a water resistant outer material. They will circulate a...
  • 3 inch paint brush

    This 3 inch paint brush provides a high paint capacity which makes it suitable for many uses. The paint brush is manufactured with black PET synthetic bristles & a varnished...
  • 1 inch Paint Brush

    This 1 Inch Paint brush is suitable for painting small/fiddly areas and touching up patches. The paint brush is manufactured with black PET synthetic bristles & a varnished red hollow...
  • Blue Tarpaulin 18ft x 24ft

    18x24 Tarpaulin This tarpaulin is manufactured with a polythene coating on both sides & corners with UVI treatment, heat sealed seams, rust resistant grommets on both sides & corners &...
  • Luggage scales with tape measure

    Luggage scales with tape measure has a handy tape measure included and weighs up to 32KG. No more nasty suprises at the checkout desk, so avoiding additional charges that some...
  • 4.5inch Oval Pad Bolt Galvanised

    This 4.5" Oval Pad Bolt is manufactured from galvanised steel, this double sided oval pad bolt. Comes complete with fittings. . 4.5inch Oval Pad Bolt Galvanised Comes complete with fittings...
  • 60W bulkhead lamp

    This IP44 weatherproof lamp is manufactured with a heavy duty body, heat resistant glass, plastic protective guard & requires a 60W golf ball style bulb. All mounting features are included...
  • 250psi Digital air compressor

    This simple to use digital air compressor automatically cuts off when the pre-selected pressure level is reached. It also comes with 2 valve adaptors & built-in storage space for the...
  • 7.5m x 25mm Tape Measure

    Blackspur tape measure with dual markings and protective rubber effect non-slip cover. Measures 7.5m length by 25mm width. 7.5m x 25mm Tape Measure Dual markings Protective rubber effect non-slip cover...
  • Mens Heated Gloves

    Pair of Mens Heated Thinsulate Gloves

    Kingavon gloves manufactured from 3M Thinsulate fibre featuring a thermal soft acrylic lining for added heat retention as well as a water resistant outer material. They will circulate a gentle...
  • Plug in Wireless Door Chime with socket Door Bell

    Plug in Wireless Door Chime with socket, This easy to install plug in digital door chime has a wireless range of up to 80m & the bell push requires 1 x 12V...
  • 6pc Transparent snap Off Knife Set

    6pc Transparent snap Off Knife Set This set contains 6 small transparent snap-off knives in various colours, each fitted with a safety blade lock. 6pc Transparent snap Off Knife Set...
  • 50mm Long Shackled Steel Padlock

    This padlock is manufactured with a hardened steel shackle for maximum cutting resistance, a high performance thermoplastic cover for superior weather ability, dual locking levers for premium pry resistance &...
  • 6inch Combination Pliers

    Blackspur combination pliers are manufactured from precision cast iron with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) handles. Heavy duty and long lasting pliers. Ideal for home, garage, toolbox etc. Comes in slide blister...
  • 13 LED Touch Lights

    This 13 LED Touch Light is manufactured with long life, super bright LED bulbs. It is ideal for use in a tent, shed cupboard, gazebo and many other applications. Simply...
  • 5pc OE Spanner Set(MM)

    This 5 piece open end spanner set is made from drop forged carbon steel. The set is chrome plated and heat treated. Sizes: 8 x 9, 10 x 11, 12...
  • 3 pack Transparent Snap Off Knife Set

    This 3 pack of Transparent Snap Off Knife Se this set contains 3 large transparent snap-off knives in various colours, each fitted with a safety blade lock. 3 pack Transparent...
  • 13pc Precision Knife Set

    Blackspur precision knife set is essential tool set for hobbyists and craftsmen. Set contains 3 knife handles and 10 spare blades packed in a handy storage case. Blades are made...
  • 6 Inch Long Nose Pliers

    These 6 inch long nose pliers are manufactured from precision cast iron with PVC handles. Size: 6”/150mm 6 Inch Long Nose Pliers Manufactured from precision cast iron PVC Handles Size:...
  • 24pc Utility Knife Blade Set

    24pc Utility Knife Blade Set 24pc Utility Knife Blade Set 36 Units Per Carton
  • 8 inch Adjustable wrench

    Blackspur 8-inch adjustable wrench with heat treated jaws. Made of dropped forge steel. it is also very durable. 8 inch Adjustable wrench Heat treated jaws Made of dropped forge steel...
  • 3 rolls of cotton string

    These cotton string balls are made from natural Cotton. They are versatile and useful for both home or garden, it is often used for parcel tying or craft work aswell....
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