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Gardening Tools & Accessories

Gardening tools & accessories are very diverse. MX Wholesale supplies good quality and cheap equipment for gardeners, farmers, orchardmans, and greenhouse owners. Here, we provide useful items like as garden hand tools, Lopping Shears, rake, garden spade, Fork, trowel, shovel, Watering Can, Sprinkler, Scoop, garden spade, netting and so on. Browse our range of product to find out more.

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  • 10 large green heavy duty garden refuse sacks

    10 large green heavy duty garden refuse sacks made in England form 100% recycled material, these sacks are strong and will not rip easy making them perfect for garden work,...
  • Long Electric Lighter

    A long reach refillable and child resistant lighter. Ideal for BBQs. Long Electric Lighter 4 Assorted Colours 24 Units Per Carton Long Electric Lighter. Lighter Long Lighter Refillable Lighter Wholesale...
  • 2pc Garden Hose Set

    2pc Garden Hose Set

    This 2 piece Garden Hose Set features a tap connector suitable for 95% of outdoor UK threaded taps and a Water Stop Connector that automatically cuts off the water when...
  • 5pc Garden Hose Accessory Set

    5pc Garden Hose Accessory Set

    This 5 piece Garden Hose Accessory Set comes with a mixture of garden hose starter accessories. Compatible with 1/2 inch hose and most click-fit 3/4 inch hose watering systems 5pc...
  • Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector Quick Fix Tap Connector
  • Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories B

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories
  • Plastic Watering Can

    This plastic watering can is a handy tool to be able to quickly water your plants, comes in a yellow colour and has a easy grip handle so more efficient...
  • 10pc Metal Garden Tent Pegs

    This set of 10 Garden Pegs can be used to secure all sorts of garden items firmly on the ground from netting, cloches and gazebos to tents. Manufactured from steel,...
  • Garden Netting B

    Garden Netting

    This garden netting is approximately 2m x 10m , it is used to cover plants to stop insects from eating them. Garden Netting It is 2m x 10m Protects plants...
  • Garden Cushion Kneeler

    This Garden Cushion Kneeler Protects Kknees While Weeding Or Planting. Lightweight And Easy To Carry. Made From Dense, Water-Resistant 20mm Thick Foam Garden Cushion Kneeler Water-Resistant Lightweight And Easy To...
  • Weed Control Sheet

    This weed control fabric is approximately 150cm x 150cm. It is a great tool for your garden to stop unwanted weeds from growing and ruining your garden. Weed Control Fabric...
  • 2 Pack Twist & Tie Dispenser

    This 2 Pack Twist & Tie Dispenser has a roll of plastic coated wire with an on pack cutter to produce highly useful twist ties to any length and for...
  • 100m Green Jute Twine Ball

    Ideal for use in the home or garden for a number of purposes. 48 Units Per Carton
  • 3pc Hose Connector Set

    3pc Hose Connector Set

    This hose connector set comes in 3 pieces, you use these to connect 2 hoses together. A handy gardening tool, comes in a green colour.  3pc Hose Connector Set A...
  • Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    This is Plastic Garden Hand Fork which can be used to dig up unwanted weeds, dig up soil for new plants and help improve your garden. Has a rubber grip...
  • 16cm Laser Windmill

    This Laser Windmill has a 16cm head on a 28cm stick. These windmills are perfect to put in your garden and come in 4 assorted colours. 16cm Head 28cm Stick...
  • Hand Trowel

    Strong Steel Construction 24 Units Per Carton
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