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  • 10 large green heavy duty garden refuse sacks

    10 large green heavy duty garden refuse sacks made in England form 100% recycled material, these sacks are strong and will not rip easy making them perfect for garden work,...
  • Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories B

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories
  • 14pc Hexagon Key Set Hexagon-Key-Set-14pc

    14pc Hexagon Key Set

    This hexagon key set comes in a 14pc, used for DIY purposes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket...
  • Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector Quick Fix Tap Connector
  • 5pc Garden Hose Accessory Set

    5pc Garden Hose Accessory Set

    This 5 piece Garden Hose Accessory Set comes with a mixture of garden hose starter accessories. Compatible with 1/2 inch hose and most click-fit 3/4 inch hose watering systems 5pc...
  • 2pc Garden Hose Set

    2pc Garden Hose Set

    This 2 piece Garden Hose Set features a tap connector suitable for 95% of outdoor UK threaded taps and a Water Stop Connector that automatically cuts off the water when...
  • 8 Head Windmill

    This 8 head windmill is great for the beach or garden. The 8 different coloured heads are great for catching the sunlight. 8 Head Windmill Assorted Colours 200 Units Per...
  • Plastic Watering Can

    This plastic watering can is a handy tool to be able to quickly water your plants, comes in a yellow colour and has a easy grip handle so more efficient...
  • Garden Netting B

    Garden Netting

    This garden netting is approximately 2m x 10m , it is used to cover plants to stop insects from eating them. Garden Netting It is 2m x 10m Protects plants...
  • Weed Control Sheet

    This weed control fabric is approximately 150cm x 150cm. It is a great tool for your garden to stop unwanted weeds from growing and ruining your garden. Weed Control Fabric...
  • 16cm Laser Windmill

    This Laser Windmill has a 16cm head on a 28cm stick. These windmills are perfect to put in your garden and come in 4 assorted colours. 16cm Head 28cm Stick...
  • Garden Cushion Kneeler

    This Garden Cushion Kneeler Protects Kknees While Weeding Or Planting. Lightweight And Easy To Carry. Made From Dense, Water-Resistant 20mm Thick Foam Garden Cushion Kneeler Water-Resistant Lightweight And Easy To...
  • 10 Pack Plant Labels

    These plant labels are used so you can put them into your plant pot to know what plant you're growing, comes in a 10 pack. 10 Pack Plant Labels
  • 2 Pack Twist & Tie Dispenser

    This 2 Pack Twist & Tie Dispenser has a roll of plastic coated wire with an on pack cutter to produce highly useful twist ties to any length and for...
  • 3pc Hose Connector Set

    3pc Hose Connector Set

    This hose connector set comes in 3 pieces, you use these to connect 2 hoses together. A handy gardening tool, comes in a green colour.  3pc Hose Connector Set A...
  • 100m Green Jute Twine Ball

    Ideal for use in the home or garden for a number of purposes. 48 Units Per Carton
  • Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    This is Plastic Garden Hand Fork which can be used to dig up unwanted weeds, dig up soil for new plants and help improve your garden. Has a rubber grip...
  • Extra Heavy Duty Blue Rubble Sacks with 8 Bags on a Roll

    Roll Of 8  Extra Heavy Duty Blue Rubble Sacks  Extra Heavy Duty Blue Rubble Sacks Made in ENGLAND  From 100% Recycled Material 8 Bags on a Roll 25 Rolls per...
  • 15m Hose And Spray Nozzle Set

    15m Half Inch reinforced 3 layer braided garden hosepipe and spray nozzle set. Includes 15m hose spray nozzle female fitting female water stop and threaded tap connector. Shrink wrapped with...
  • BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal 3kg

    To Enjoy The Smoky Taste Of Barbecued Food You Will Need The Right Fuel And This Handy 3kg Bag Of Lumpwood Charcoal Is Perfect For Parties Both Large And Small....
  • 2 pack Slug and Snail Traps

    Slugs and snails can wreak havoc in your garden, eating their way through your favourite plants and fruit. This Slug and Snail Trap set is a quick and efficient way...
  • 32 Litre Folding Crate

    32 Litre Folding Crate. Approximate Size Height 23cm Width 34cm Length 46cm
  • 6pc nuisance dust mask set

    These dust masks are elasticated & disposable. They are for protection against non-toxic dust & powders only as they offer no respiratory protection. So protect your lungs from dust when...
  • 5m x 19mm Contractors Tape Measure

    5m x 19mm Contractors Tape Measure has Dual Blade Brakes that allow you to quickly hold the blade in position Hardened Acrylic Coating Protects Blade From Rusting and Corrosion ensuring...
  • Portable Gas Stove

    This great portable gas stove is ideal for barbecues, camping, picnics and many other outdoor occasions. It can also be used as a spare cooker ring, if you're having problems...
  • Large Reusable Rat Trap

    Large Reusable Rat Trap. These large re-usable rat traps are great for catching those pesky little rodents. Rats when not chosen as pets are probably the most hated pest you...
  • Hacksaw with ABS Handle

    Full Size Hacksaw with ABS Handle, This 12”/300mm hacksaw is manufactured with a plastic orange handle & easy to change blade.  Full Size Hacksaw with ABS Handle 24 Units Per Carton...
  • Unfragranced 20 pack White Tea Lights

    These Unfragranced decorative tealights last for upto 2.5 hours. Perfect for that extra touch. Unfragranced 20 pack White Tea Lights Lasts Up To 2.5 Hours 24 Units/Carton
  • Sanmex Ant & Insect Killer 500ml

    The Sanmex Ant & Crawling Insect Killer gives you fast killing action for ants cockroaches and other crawling insects. Sanmex Ant & Crawling Inesct Killer is formulated to conform to...
  • 10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover

    10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover 10m x 25mm Tape Measure with Protective Cover 24 Units Per Carton
  • Plastic Grip Adjustable rake

    Plastic Grip Adjustable rake 124 cm long Plastic Grip Adjustable rake 124cm 12 Units Per Carton 
  • Safety Goggles

    These safety goggles are manufactured with a soft vinyl cover & adjustable elastic strap for a universal fit. The goggles may transmit impact to eye wear (eg spectacles) enclosed in...
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