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With the current popularity of house buying and DIY television shows, more people are turning to home decorating and improvements. These could include hanging a few paintings or framed photographs to brighten a room; painting walls, skirting boards and doors; plumbing in a new sink or shower; and putting in new light fittings. There are many ways to freshen the look of a home without having to spend a great deal of money. Your potential customers will often start work on something in the home only to find that they do not have an essential piece of equipment to finish the job. As a shop or retailer, it is easy to stock up on a few DIY essentials that are inexpensive but obviously profitable, do not need much storage space, and will not go out of date. Wholesale DIY products you can stock include carpenter’s pencils for those DIY projects such as carpentry or construction that need a clear and precise mark; abrasive glass or sand paper for sanding down skirting boards or wood; pressure sprayers to make large areas easier to clean or prepare; cable clips or hose clips; paint brush sets or roller sets; and cable reels. You could create a display of your wholesale DIY products for ease of access for all these items along with nails, screws, drawing pins, tape measures and screwdrivers, for example. That way, when customers look for one item they might see complementary objects that jog their memory. As customers quite often only find they have run out of small DIY items - or never had them in the first place - once they are ready to start their home improvement project, they are likely to head for the nearest store rather than look for the lowest price.

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  • 5pc Paintbrush Set

    This is a 5pk Paintbrush Set, which includes 2 x 12 mm , 2 x 25 mm and 1 x 50 mm. Has a wooden handle for easy grip/use. 5pc...
  • 8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump T Handle Bicycle Pump

    8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump

    8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump Complete with hose includes football pin includes plastic inflatable attachment This T Handle Bicycle pump has a easy grip T handle for more efficient use....
  • 6inch Junior Hacksaw

    6inch Junior Hacksaw

    This 6inch hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw, it can used to cut through metal. But can be used to cut various other materials such as wood and plastic. It has...
  • 3pc Scraper Set

    3pc scraper set with the best wholesale price is Ideal for all DIY needs to removing wallpaper. It is available in three sizes: 1inch; 2inch; 3inch. Three in one pack.Useful...
  • 5pc Wood Drill Bit Set

    5pc Wood Drill Bit Set

    This Drill Bit Set contains these 5 different sizes : 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm. This product is used for DIY purposes, drills through materials such wood and plastic. 5pc Wood Drill...
  • 4 Inch Paint Brush

    4 Inch Paint Brush with a varnished red hollow plastic handle & black PET synthetic bristles. This paint brush is suitable for everyone & provides a high paint capacity 4 Inch Paint...
  • 14pc Hexagon Key Set Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    14pc Hexagon Key Set

    14pc Hexagon Key Set Used for DIY purposes This hexagon key set comes in a 14pc, used for DIY purposes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive...
  • 86pc Assorted Screws

    This 86pc comes with 3 sets of assorted screws, 2 sets of wall plugs and a set of washers. Also comes with handy storage case. Used for DIY purposes. 86pc...
  • Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools Litter Picker

    Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools

    Litter Picker- is a handy tool to be able to pick up litter from the ground. Prevents you from getting back pain and is lightweight and easy to carry. Litter...
  • 60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties

    60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties 250 Units Per Carton
  • 60pc White Cable Tie Set

    60pc White Cable Tie Set

    60pc White Cable Tie Set Comes in 3 different sizes This 60pc White Cable Tie Set comes into 3 different sizes. It is used for fastening things down, holding cables...
  • 5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m Tape Measure

    5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover

    5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover Can be locked for accurate measuring Rubber case for extra grip This is a 5m/16ft tape measure which can be locked into place for...
  • 2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape

    This 2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape is 48mm wide and 20 metres long. It is ideal for many household uses 2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape 48mm wide and...
  • 60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set

    60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set

    60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set This 60pc of cable ties has 3 assorted sizes, and comes in red,white and green. Used for holding things together and fastening...
  • Mini Paint Roller Set

    This Mini Paint Roller Set is suitable for use with emulsion paints on smooth surfaces, this mini roller and tray set will make painting your home even easier. It has...
  • 15pc Artist paint brush set

    This 15 piece Artist paint brush set Includes a Variety of flat and tipped brushes in assorted sizes. The paint brush set is ideal for expert or beginners. These brushes...
  • 650mm Cable Bicycle Lock

    This Cable Bicycle Lock is the best way to ensure the safety of your bike while you are not around it. Made with steel cables and polypropylene (pp) lockhead it...
  • 2 Pack Masking Tape

    This is a 2pk of 12 m(per roll) of masking tape, it is Ideal for sealing, fixing, marking and light duty packaging. 2 Pack Masking Tape  Ideal for sealing, fixing,...
  • Builders Bucket

    Buiders Bucket, Black Plastic Buket, 10 Units Per Carton Buiders Bucket Black Plastic Bucket 10 Units Per Carton
  • 8inch Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper

    A four way crimping tool with terminals,it Includes a crimper, bolt cutter, wire cutter and wire stripper. A soft grip handle for easy and safe use. 8inch Crimping Tool &...
  • 3 rolls of cotton string

    These cotton string balls are made from natural Cotton. They are versatile and useful for both home or garden, it is often used for parcel tying or craft work aswell....
  • 6pc nuisance dust mask set

    These dust masks are elasticated & disposable. They are for protection against non-toxic dust & powders only as they offer no respiratory protection. So protect your lungs from dust when...
  • 6" Retractable Knife & Blade

    This retractable knife comes complete with a blade & also accepts standard utility blades. It is suitable for cutting vinyl tiles, underlay, carpet, plastic, leather, rubber, cardboard & paper. 6"...
  • 3 pack Transparent Snap Off Knife Set

    This 3 pack of Transparent Snap Off Knife Se this set contains 3 large transparent snap-off knives in various colours, each fitted with a safety blade lock. 3 pack Transparent...
  • 8pc screwdriver & pick-up tool

    This screwdriver & pick up tool has a comfort grip handle for hi torque use & can extend up to 425mm (approx). Screwdriver Bits: 2 x Slotted 2 x Crosspoint...
  • 6 Inch Long Nose Pliers

    These 6 inch long nose pliers are manufactured from precision cast iron with PVC handles. Size: 6”/150mm 6 Inch Long Nose Pliers Manufactured from precision cast iron PVC Handles Size:...
  • Drill 4in1 Chuck keys

    4in1 Chuck keys This chuck key is suitable for use with most drills. Ideal for the following chuck sizes 1/4”/6mm 3/8”/9mm 1/2”/13mm 5/8”/16m 4in1 Chuck keys Suitable for use with...
  • Silver Supertough Cloth Tape

    This Silver Cloth tape can be used for heavy duty or waterproof applications, This tape is ideal as a general purpose tape for sealing and mending. The Approximate size of...
  • 32 Litre Folding Crate

    32 Litre Folding Crate. Approximate Size Height 23cm Width 34cm Length 46cm
  • 3 inch paint brush

    This 3 inch paint brush provides a high paint capacity which makes it suitable for many uses. The paint brush is manufactured with black PET synthetic bristles & a varnished...
  • 13pc Precision Knife Set

    Blackspur precision knife set is essential tool set for hobbyists and craftsmen. Set contains 3 knife handles and 10 spare blades packed in a handy storage case. Blades are made...
  • Gorilla Black Tape

    Gorilla Tape is an ultra tough cloth tape, made from 3 layers: a double thick adhesive layer, a strong reinforced backing and a tough all weather shell. The double thick...
  • Hacksaw with ABS Handle

    Full Size Hacksaw with ABS Handle, This 12”/300mm hacksaw is manufactured with a plastic orange handle & easy to change blade.  Full Size Hacksaw with ABS Handle 24 Units Per Carton...
  • 5m x 19mm Contractors Tape Measure

    5m x 19mm Contractors Tape Measure has Dual Blade Brakes that allow you to quickly hold the blade in position Hardened Acrylic Coating Protects Blade From Rusting and Corrosion ensuring...
  • Easy grab handle

    Easy grab handle makes carrying items easy with its comfortable, Cushioned handle that will protect fingers form any strain this grab handle is extremely useful and makes light work out...
  • clamp set

    Rolson Clamp Sets

    Rolson clamp sets Includes: 2 piece 165mm(6.5") spring clamp & quick-adjust band clamp set. Compact design for greater versatility For hobby/craft projects etc. Fast, firm, positive gripping on odd shaped...
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