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With the current popularity of house buying and DIY television shows, more people are turning to home decorating and improvements. These could include hanging a few paintings or framed photographs to brighten a room; painting walls, skirting boards and doors; plumbing in a new sink or shower; and putting in new light fittings. There are many ways to freshen the look of a home without having to spend a great deal of money. Your potential customers will often start work on something in the home only to find that they do not have an essential piece of equipment to finish the job. As a shop or retailer, it is easy to stock up on a few DIY essentials that are inexpensive but obviously profitable, do not need much storage space, and will not go out of date. Wholesale DIY products you can stock include carpenter’s pencils for those DIY projects such as carpentry or construction that need a clear and precise mark; abrasive glass or sand paper for sanding down skirting boards or wood; pressure sprayers to make large areas easier to clean or prepare; cable clips or hose clips; paint brush sets or roller sets; and cable reels. You could create a display of your wholesale DIY products for ease of access for all these items along with nails, screws, drawing pins, tape measures and screwdrivers, for example. That way, when customers look for one item they might see complementary objects that jog their memory. As customers quite often only find they have run out of small DIY items - or never had them in the first place - once they are ready to start their home improvement project, they are likely to head for the nearest store rather than look for the lowest price.

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  • 5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m Tape Measure

    Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m

    5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover Can be locked for accurate measuring Rubber case for extra grip This is a 5m/16ft tape measure which can be locked into place for...
  • Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools Litter Picker

    Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools

    Litter Picker Or Pick up Tools Brand Name: Poundium  A handy grab tool to pick up litter from the ground. Comes in the colours, blue,yellow and black. Trigger-activated claw effectively picks...
  • Paintbrush Set 5pc

    5pc Paintbrush Set  2 x 12 mm, 2 x 25 mm and 1x 50 mm  Wooden handle for easy grip/use This is a 5pk Paintbrush Set, which includes 2 x...
  • T Handle Bicycle Pump 8 Inch - pack of 12

    8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump Complete with hose includes football pin includes plastic inflatable attachment This T Handle Bicycle pump has a easy grip T handle for more efficient use....
  • 14pc Hexagon Key Set Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    14pc Hexagon Key Set Used for DIY purposes This hexagon key set comes in a 14pc, used for DIY purposes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive...
  • Scraper Set 3pc

    3pc Scraper Set 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch Can be used to remove wallpaper to refresh the home. 3pc scraper set with the best wholesale price is Ideal...
  • Super Glue 3g 5 pack

    5 Pack Super Glue 3g Quick Dry If you want to order 1 Carton, add 48 units to your basket.
  • Brown Packaging Tape 2 pack

    2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape 48mm wide and 20 metres long 48 Units/Carton This 2 Pack of Brown Packaging Tape is 48mm wide and 20 metres long. It is...
  • Paint Brush 4 Inch

    4 Inch Paint Brush with a varnished red hollow plastic handle & black PET synthetic bristles. This paint brush is suitable for everyone & provides a high paint capacity 4 Inch Paint...
  • 60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set

    Cable Tie Set Assorted Colour & Sizes 60pc

    60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set This 60pc of cable ties has 3 assorted sizes, and comes in red,white and green. Used for holding things together and fastening...
  • Cable Tie Set Black Assorted Sizes 60pc

    60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties 250 Units Per Carton
  • Kingavon Mixed Household Fuses 6pc

    6pc Mixed Household Fuses. 3 sizes  Ideal for replacing old fuses in all of your household appliances Approved to BS1362 Comes in double blister packaging If you add 1 unit...
  • Masking Tape 2 pack

    2 Pack Masking Tape  Ideal for sealing, fixing, marking and light duty packaging  12m per roll. This is a 2 Pack of 12 m(per roll) of masking tape, it is...
  • Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper 8 Inch

    8inch Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper Soft grip handle Four way crimping tool A four way crimping tool with terminals,it Includes a crimper, bolt cutter, wire cutter and wire stripper....
  • Bloome White Tea Lights Unscented 20 pack - Case of 24

    Unfragranced 20 pack White Tea Lights Lasts Up To 2.5 Hours 24 Units/Carton These Unfragranced decorative tealights last for upto 2.5 hours. Perfect for that extra touch.
  • Twin Photo Frame Bauble Twin Photo Frame Bauble

    Twin Photo Frame Bauble

    This twin photo frame bauble is great to put all the treasured moments onto a christmas tree. This a christmas decoration which you can use to personalise your very own...
  • Blackspur Long Nose Pliers 6"

    6 Inch Long Nose Pliers Manufactured from precision cast iron PVC Handles Size: 6”/150mm If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive 1 pack of Long Nose Pliers If...
  • Christmas Tinsel Assorted Colour Assorted colour Tinsel
    Sold Out

    Christmas Tinsel Assorted Colour

    Christmas Tinsel Assorted Colour  9ft Long Suitable for Christmas Decoration This tinsel comes in assorted colours; blue red silver and gold. It is a great decoration to brighten up the...
  • Photo frame bauble

    Photo Frame Bauble

    Photo frame bauble Make your Christmas tree truly special and unique with this photo bauble.
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