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As a specialist wholesale pot plants supplier, we have a good choice of cheap pot plants and planting and growing equipment. These are items in demand the whole year round. Even if the weather outside is freezing, a few cheap pot plants installed inside means that indoors will always feel like summer.The pots and accessories can be matched to a home' décor or even provide a whole new scheme of colour and texture inside. The plant pots can be round or rectangular and come in a variety of colours as well as the usual green or terracotta.Plant pots are also available in white and are ready for painting to your customers' own designs. The round plant pot is seven centimetres in both height and width and comes with its own paint and paintbrush.

Plant waterers are in demand during the summer months, when owners are away on holiday. Watering spikes in a frog design will liven up all cheap pot plants, and there is a choice of ceramic plant waterers featuring an amusing selections of mushrooms, snails and turtles.Never forget the attraction of artificial plants in pots. These can make for an attractive display for those occasions which call for a lot of table decoration. These plants come in boxes of 12 and in four different designs. They are suitable for the home and garden all year round, and they do not need any watering.Never forget the demand for hanging baskets and hanging gardens. Customers who only have a balcony may want to set up a floral display or even grow strawberries in summer. The hanging garden planter bag measures 25 centimetres by 45 centimetres and is ideal for growing herbs as well as flowers and berries.

124 products

124 products

PestShield Advanced Weed Killer Spray 500ml
save 31%
Plastic Garden Hand Fork
Plastic Garden Hand Fork
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PestShield Slug & Snail Killer 300g
PestShield Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray
save 25%
Green Jem Heavy Duty Tarpaulin
Green Jem Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 6ft x 9ft
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Green Jem Camping Ground Sheet Awning Festival Tarpaulin 6ft x 4ft
save 20%
Bloom & Gro Multipurpose Compost 56L
Bloom & Gro Multipurpose Compost 56L
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Sale price
save 24%
Bloom & Gro Multipurpose Compost 28L
Bloom & Gro Multipurpose Compost 28L
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PestShield Lawn Weed Killer New Formula 500ml - Case of 12
Manmax Garden Hose And Spray Nozzle Set 15 Metre
Grosvenor Square Planter 27cm Ebony
PestShield Ant Killer Powder 150g - Case of 12
Grosvenor Oval Planter 55cm Ebony
Green Jem Green Jute Twine 100m
Winchester Round Bellpot 40cm Ebony
Winchester Round Planter 50cm Ebony
Grosvenor Round Planter 39cm Ebony
Grosvenor Square Planter 38cm Ebony
Carbon Steel Green Jem Garden Lawn Leaf Rake
Grosvenor Round Planter 32cm Ebony
Green Jem Strimmer Line Orange 1.25mm x 15m
Winchester Round Bellpot 50cm Terracotta
Clover Top Soil 25L
Sovereign Trough 70cm Terracotta
Garden Patch Gardening Hand Trowel
Green Jem Quick Fix Hose to Tap Connector
Green Jem Quality Twisty Tie Garden Roll 50m
Grosvenor Square Planter 33cm Terracotta
Jute Hanging Basket Liner 16"
Winchester Square Bellpot 45cm Ebony
Winchester Round Planter 50cm Ebony
Green Jem Hand Sprayer 500ml
Plant Pot Saucer 32cm
Sovereign Trough 70cm Volcanic Ash
Whitefurze Venetian Round Plant Pot Large Terracotta
Clover John Innes No. 3 Compost 25L
Green Jem Garden Pegs 10 Pack
Green Jem Garden Netting 4cm X 5m
Trafalgar Square Planter 32cm x 32cm Black with SilverTrafalgar Square Planter 32cm x 32cm Black with Silver
Green Jem Tarpaulin Waterproof Cover Sheet Polyethylene Woven 12ft x 18ft
Antiqua Planter 45cm x 35.5cm Black with Bronze
Vintage Planter 45cm x 35.5cm Black with Silver
Vintage Planter 45cm x 35.5cm Black with Green
Green Jem Cable Ties 300 x 4.8mm Green
Hinkley Round Planter 30cm Sandstone
Green Jem  Cable Ties 400 x 7.6mm Green