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Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday deals 2018 with lowest prices start now at MX wholesale. We have best offer for black Friday sales. Find here icredible deals on amazing products like Christmas items, decoration, gift & more. There are lots of special price, discount and fantastic bargains for you. There is no need to use any discount coupons, we include awesome discount on prices you see here. This promotion is the best chance for you to purchase anything you want. This deal will continue till end of November and we have good offers for you, so visit us steadily to find out new items that we add here with special price and shop it before it’s gone.

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  • Toilet Brush With Holder

    This handy toilet brush comes with a holder- it is easy to grip and a one stop tool to clean your toilet! White Toilet Brush with Holder Quick and easy...
  • Blocked toilet tablets Blue 6 Pack

    Blocked toilet tablets Blue 6 Pack is best solution for fresh and clean toilet cistern. Each block comes in a water soluble wrapper to prevent mess and are safe to use...
  • 3 Pack Tennis Balls

    Add bounce to your game with this 3 pack tennis balls suitable for all surfaces. These are perfect for playing in the garden or park or if you prefer you...
  • 4 Inch Paint Brush

    4 Inch Paint Brush with a varnished red hollow plastic handle & black PET synthetic bristles. This paint brush is suitable for everyone & provides a high paint capacity 4 Inch Paint...
  • 4 Pack Permanent Markers

    This 4 Pack Permanent Markers Are Great For School's Or Office's. There Is 4 Different Colours Which Are Green, Blue, Red And Black. 4 Pack Permanent Markers Great For School's...
  • 5pc Paintbrush Set

    This is a 5pk Paintbrush Set, which includes 2 x 12 mm , 2 x 25 mm and 1 x 50 mm. Has a wooden handle for easy grip/use. 5pc...
  • 12cm Small Bucket and Spade Set Pink

    12cm Pink Bucket and Spade Set CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE BUCKET & SPADE FOR YOU SKU: 50201 SKU: 50200 SKU: 53154 Small Blue Bucket & Spade Set (12cm) Small Red...
  • 10 Pack Cotton Dish Cloths

    10 Pack Cotton Dish Cloths 10 Pack Cotton Dish Cloths 150 Units Per Carton This Special offer is for Clearance and only Valid until Sold Out!
  • 8pc Hexagon Key Wrench

    This is a 8 in 1 hexagon key set, comes with 8 assorted sizes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a...
  • 60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties

    60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties 60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties 250 Units Per Carton
  • 8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump

    This T Handle Bicycle pump has a easy grip T handle for more efficient use. This pump allows you to pump air into your bike wheels when they're flat or...
  • 2 Pack Masking Tape

    This is a 2pk of 12 m(per roll) of masking tape, it is Ideal for sealing, fixing, marking and light duty packaging. 2 Pack Masking Tape  Ideal for sealing, fixing,...
  • 8pc Sticky Note Set

    This 8 Piece Sticky Note Set Comes With 2 Assorted Sized Sticky Notes And in Assorted Colours 8pc Sticky Note Set Assorted Sizes Assorted Colours
  • Protein Shaker Bottle 600ml

    This bottle is handy for making your protein shakes inside, comes with a lid and is light weight and portable. 600ml Protein Shaker Bottle Capacity 800ml, but Measurement only shows...
  • 8 Pack Door Wedges

    8 Pack Door Wedges

    This 8 pack of door wedges is useful for keep doors open 24/7, their shape allows to hold the weight of the door. 8 Pack Door Wedges Keeps doors open...
  • 2 Pack Steel Scourers

    Shift stubborn stains and baked on foods quickly and easily with our super powerful, hardwearing and long lasting stainless steel scourers. 2 Pack Steel Scourers
  • 2 Pack Car Sun Shade

    These 2 pack of sun shades are used by putting them on the inside window to block any sun from getting inside. It keeps the car/passenger cool during hot weathers....
  • 3 Pack Carabiner Clip Set

    This carabiner clip set comes in 3 assorted colours (purple, green and blue) and sizes. It is a handy tool which you can use for multiple reasons; putting it on...
  • 3pc Scraper Set

    3pc scraper set with the best wholesale price is Ideal for all DIY needs to removing wallpaper. It is available in three sizes: 1inch; 2inch; 3inch. Three in one pack.Useful...
  • 5pc Mechanical Pencils

    This 5 Pack Of Mechanical Pencils Come With A Rubber and in 5 Assorted Colours. 5pc Mechanical Pencils Assorted Colours
  • Black Butt Bucket Ashtray

    Black Butt Bucket Ashtray

    This Butt Bucket Ashtray is constructed of durable plastic. The top of the bucket can be used as a normal ashtray but features a central hole, in which extinguished cigarettes...
  • 86pc Assorted Screws

    This 86pc comes with 3 sets of assorted screws, 2 sets of wall plugs and a set of washers. Also comes with handy storage case. Used for DIY purposes. 86pc...
  • Love My Ink Tattoo Aftercare Spray

    This Love My Ink Tattoo Aftercare Spray Will Not Only Help To Moisture And Soften The Skin But Also Assist In The Regeneration Of The Skin. This Unique Tattoo Aftercare...
  • Garden Thermometer

    This Garden Thermometer is approximately 26cm long, and is measured in celsius and fahrenheit. It is made out of a wooden material so will outstand any weather conditions.  Garden Thermometer...
  • 5pc Wood Drill Bit Set

    5pc Wood Drill Bit Set

    This Drill Bit Set contains these 5 different sizes : 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm. This product is used for DIY purposes, drills through materials such wood and plastic. 5pc Wood Drill...
  • 8inch Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper

    A four way crimping tool with terminals,it Includes a crimper, bolt cutter, wire cutter and wire stripper. A soft grip handle for easy and safe use. 8inch Crimping Tool &...
  • 4pc Cabinet Handle Screwdriver Set

    This 4 Piece Cabinet Handle Screwdriver Set Are Manufactured With Heat Treated Blades & Hardened Tips. This Set includes 4 Assorted Sized Screwdrivers 2 Slotted And 2 Crossed. 4 piece...
  • Mr Muscle Advanced Power Kitchen 750ml

    Mr Muscle knows cleaning should be as easy as possible, which is why it has created a single product for all of your kitchen cleaning needs. Mr Muscle Advanced Power...
  • Mini Black umbrella with Humourous Saying Cat

    Mini Black umbrella with Humourous Cat Design

    Mini Black umbrella with Humourous Saying Cat Mini 9 inches closed. Two Assorted Humourous sayings on one panel La La La I'm Singing in the Rain! It's Raining Men....Hallelujah! Mini...
  • Weed Control Sheet

    This weed control fabric is approximately 150cm x 150cm. It is a great tool for your garden to stop unwanted weeds from growing and ruining your garden. Weed Control Fabric...
  • 3pc Screwdriver Set

    3pc Screwdriver Set

    This is a 3pc Screwdriver Set which includes 2 x Flat Drivers 1 x Phillips Driver. This insulated Screwdriver Set is very useful for many applications. Please note: the level of insulation...
  • Household Rubber Gloves Large

    Theses household Gloves 1 pair large are flexible, comfortable to wear and offers a high degree of sensitivity. The Rubber gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex.Ideal for Washing up,...
  • Ratchet Tie Down

    Ratchet Tie Down

    Ratchet Tie Down Ratchet Tie Down
  • Plastic Watering Can

    This plastic watering can is a handy tool to be able to quickly water your plants, comes in a yellow colour and has a easy grip handle so more efficient...
  • Fineliner Pen Blue colour Blue LUS Fine Marker Pen

    Blue LUS Fine Marker Pen

    Cheapest Pen in the UK, Blue Fine liner Pen, LUS Fine Marker, Blue Colour, Tip Size: 0.5, Fine Point, Fineliner Pen These pens are on a clearance due to some...
  • 10 pack Pint Plastic Tumblers

    10 pack Pint Plastic Tumblers

    These 10 Pack Pint Tumblers are Ideal for cold Iced Drinks, Great for Homes, takeaway's, catering, offices and party's. You can either reuse once finished with or you can dispose...
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