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Keeping a variety of bags in stock for any occasion is always a sensible idea. Bags of all varieties have a life span. From one-time use bags such as sandwich bags to under-bed storage bags, they all need to be replaced at some time or another. They are a classic repeat purchase item, making them an excellent product keep topped up. We carry a wide range of wholesale carrier bags, children’s school lunch bags, storage bags, food storage bags, nappy bags, business travel bags and more, all of which were selected for their great price and saleability. For example, our line of small, large and jumbo patterned shopping bags have a number of different possible uses including storage bag and laundry bag uses. Jumbo storage bags and under-bed storage zip-up bags are great for making the most of limited space at home and are perfect for securely packing away items for going into storage. In the kids’ bag line, our models include school bags, travel bags and lunch bags. All of the favourite cartoon and TV characters are there to make them desirable to as large a potential customer base as possible. From a business supply point of view, we’re happy to be able to offer a good choice of cheap carrier bags for every sort of commercial retailer, from high-quality, long-lasting, multi-use bags to the single-use, disposable type. 
Boxes of 2,000 blue vest bags and similar items are particularly popular with all retailers from food outlets to car parts sales. Large sized, clear refugee sacks are also very practical for ensuring recycling is managed properly and protecting against employee theft. Keep in mind that wholesale carrier bags and refuse bags are one the items most often overlooked when retailers are ordering stock.

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