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Winter Essential Motor Supplies

The onset of winter presents a number of retail opportunities, particularly when forecasters routinely predict particularly severe conditions. Drivers who depend on using their vehicles in snowy or icy conditions will want to take precautions to ensure that they stay safe and secure as well as mobile. Fortunately, we stock an extensive range of wholesale winter car accessories to help your customers prepare for inclement weather.

Icy conditions present all manner of problems for motorists, one of the most annoying being early morning frozen windscreens. We stock a range of reasonably priced and effective ice scrapers which are certain to prove popular. As well as the standard models, there are numerous scrapers with additional features. These include soft handle grips for comfortable use, attached window brushes for convenience and bright gloves in assorted colours. 

Another significant winter problem is the frozen car lock. There are several solutions available in the form of ice melting preparations, including aerosol sprays in various strengths. Paths and the ground surrounding cars can be treated with useful granule shakers.

Snow can cause serious disruption and danger for drivers but you can help them to equip themselves against the risk of being snowed in, either at home or while out and about, by selling them a sturdy snow shovel. These come in various sizes and materials but one which is specifically designed to fit in car boots will be especially popular with motorists.

Finally, no collection of winter car accessories is complete without a set of grips for shoes. Slippery winter pavements are a hazard for everyone and these useful grips, which fit securely on most types and sizes of shoe, can help keep your clientele safe and upright on the iciest of days.

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