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A fabulous range of Wholesale Products and wholesale Poundline products many of which are priced under 59p and even cheaper when buying by the case. These quality items provide excellent margins for you whilst still looking great on your shelves.

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  • 5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m Tape Measure

    Tape Measure With Rubber Cover 5m

    5m Tape Measure With Rubber Cover Can be locked for accurate measuring Rubber case for extra grip This is a 5m/16ft tape measure which can be locked into place for...
  • Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools Litter Picker

    Litter Picker - Pick Up Tools

    Litter Picker Or Pick up Tools Brand Name: Poundium  A handy grab tool to pick up litter from the ground. Comes in the colours, blue,yellow and black. Trigger-activated claw effectively picks...
  • Paintbrush Set 5pc

    5pc Paintbrush Set  2 x 12 mm, 2 x 25 mm and 1x 50 mm  Wooden handle for easy grip/use This is a 5pk Paintbrush Set, which includes 2 x...
  • 14pc Hexagon Key Set Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    Hexagon Key Set 14pc

    14pc Hexagon Key Set Used for DIY purposes This hexagon key set comes in a 14pc, used for DIY purposes. It is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive...
  • T Handle Bicycle Pump 8 Inch - pack of 12

    8inch T Handle Bicycle Pump Complete with hose includes football pin includes plastic inflatable attachment This T Handle Bicycle pump has a easy grip T handle for more efficient use....
  • Scraper Set 3pc

    3pc Scraper Set 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch Can be used to remove wallpaper to refresh the home. 3pc scraper set with the best wholesale price is Ideal...
  • Permanent Markers A Pack of 4

    Permanent Markers 4 Pack

    Permanent Markers A Pack of 4 Great for school's or office's 4 Different Colours Blue, Black, Red & Green If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive A...
  • toilet brush Toilet Brush With Holder in net

    Toilet Brush With Holder

    White Toilet Brush with Holder Quick and easy tool to use to clean the toilet 26CM tall Easy grip handle 24 Units Per Carton This handy toilet brush comes with...
  • Paint Brush 4 Inch

    4 Inch Paint Brush with a varnished red hollow plastic handle & black PET synthetic bristles. This paint brush is suitable for everyone & provides a high paint capacity 4 Inch Paint...
  • 60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set

    Cable Tie Set Assorted Colour & Sizes 60pc

    60pc Assorted Colour & Size Cable Tie Set This 60pc of cable ties has 3 assorted sizes, and comes in red,white and green. Used for holding things together and fastening...
  • Cable Tie Set Black Assorted Sizes 60pc

    60pc Assorted Size Black Cable Ties 250 Units Per Carton
  • Masking Tape 2 pack

    2 Pack Masking Tape  Ideal for sealing, fixing, marking and light duty packaging  12m per roll. This is a 2 Pack of 12 m(per roll) of masking tape, it is...
  • Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper 8 Inch

    8inch Crimping Tool & Wire Stripper Soft grip handle Four way crimping tool A four way crimping tool with terminals,it Includes a crimper, bolt cutter, wire cutter and wire stripper....
  • Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector

    Quick Fix Tap Connector Quick Fix Tap Connector
  • Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories B

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories

    Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories Garden Hose Spray Gun & Accessories
  • Garden Netting

    Garden Netting

    Garden Netting It is 2m x 10m Protects plants from getting eaten This garden netting is approximately 2m x 10m , it is used to cover plants to stop insects...
  • 2pc Garden Hose Set

    Garden Hose Set 2pc

    This 2 piece Garden Hose Set features a tap connector suitable for 95% of outdoor UK threaded taps and a Water Stop Connector that automatically cuts off the water when...
  • Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    Plastic Garden Hand Fork

    Plastic Garden Hand Fork A handy gardening tool For use of digging up soil,plants This is Plastic Garden Hand Fork which can be used to dig up unwanted weeds, dig...
  • Plant Labels 10 pack

    10 Pack Plant Labels These plant labels are used so you can put them into your plant pot to know what plant you're growing, comes in a 10 pack.
  • 3pc Hose Connector Set

    Hose Connector Set 3pc

    3pc Hose Connector Set A handy gardening tool Comes in a green colour This hose connector set comes in 3 pieces, you use these to connect 2 hoses together. A...
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