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  • 6 pack yellow dusters

    6 pack yellow dusters 100% cotton Can be used dry or damp Heavy duty 50 Rolls Per Box DELIVERY WILL TAKE 3-5 WORKING DAYS. 6 pack yellow dusters are Soft...
  • A Pack Of 2 Steel Scourers

    A Pack Of 2 Steel Scourers Each Pack include 2 Steel Scourers(If you add 1 unit to your basket you will receive A pack including 2 Steel Scourers) Shift stubborn stains and baked...
  • Splash Jumbo Kitchen Towels

    Splash Jumbo Kitchen Towels 1 Roll 2 Ply Kitchen Towels Approximately 37 Meters Per Roll Perfect For Cleaning Spills And Splashes Specially Bonded To Make Them Extra Thick & Super...
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