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Uniross actively encourages sustainable development .Start thinking about our future, use rechargeable batteries and chargers to protect our environment!

Battery-operated lights and devices are becoming increasingly common as people consciously try to use less electricity. An extension of this is that people are using rechargeable batteries more and more, meaning that there is a market for both types of battery and for the relevant chargers.

If you are looking to stock rechargeable batteries and chargers, the Uniross batteries range comprises a wide variety of chargers, batteries, and even a fully-rechargeable torch. The Uniross Sprint CR-V3 charger comes in a pack with the relevant battery, which is used in a wide variety of devices. The charger can be used both in the home and on the move and is perfect for customers to take on holiday and an ideal product for the sports and leisure market.

Uniross supplies another charger suitable for use at home or in the car. The Uniross Sprint is a compact charger that is capable of charging up to four rechargeable AA batteries at the same time, with four Uniross batteries included in the pack. It can do this in a time of 90 minutes, meaning it is perfect for those occasions when people need new batteries quickly. The charger also has a safety timer to prevent the charging time exceeding 90 minutes, meaning that your customers can be sure this is a safe product.

The Uniross 5 LED Dynamo torch is perfect for using at any time but is particularly useful for people who are likely to venture out at night, making it a great product for sports and leisure outlets. This torch can be easily recharged at home or in a car and is perfect for customers who enjoy doing outdoor pursuits such as walking and camping, as they will no longer have to worry about their torch batteries running out.

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