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Cheap Panasonic batteries have a broad consumer appeal thanks to high levels of brand awareness and a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. 
Panasonic's range of zinc carbon batteries are ideal for devices that are used only intermittently and have low power requirements. While zinc carbon batteries don't have the longevity of their alkaline cousins, they are far cheaper to purchase. For those customers who put price at the top of their list of concerns, zinc carbon batteries are the perfect match.
From regular AA and AAA batteries to more specialist designs such as the six-volt PJ996 lantern battery, the small LR1, used in many clocks or the CRV3 camera power pack, we have a full range of wholesale Panasonic batteries in stock to enable you to cater for the needs of a wide range of customers.
Established almost 80 years ago, the Panasonic Corporation is one of the world's largest technology firms and has long been at the forefront of battery technology. When you buy wholesale Panasonic batteries, you're investing in a quality product that is the result of many years of development and perfectly suited to its target market.
Consumers with minimal power requirements are likely to be more strongly influenced by cost than anything else, so displaying cheap Panasonic batteries alongside those from other manufacturers makes it easier for people to see the price advantages.
In many cases, it may actually be more prudent for such customers to have spare batteries on hand so that fresh ones can be inserted each time the item is used, rather than hoping that older batteries have sufficient life left in them. 
With generous 'best before' dates, these cheap Panasonic batteries represent excellent value for money for both retailer and consumer.

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