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Duracell Batteries

The Duracell Plus technology in AA / AAA has been improved for advanced longer life*. The reliable energy source of Duracell Plus AA/AAA now lasts even longer than before.

Duracell Plus - at the heart of your devices for all your power needs. For more than fifty years, Duracell has been one of the leading brand names in the battery industry. Known for their long life span and advanced technology, Duracell batteries are trusted by consumers the world over. Duracell specialise in the production of alkaline batteries, with their AA and AAA sizes always proving popular. The wholesale Duracell batteries range from MX also includes other sizes of battery including Plus C and Plus 9V.

However, it is the AA and AAA varieties which remain the most commonly sought-after in retail stores, the combination of advanced technology, durability and a good value price point proving irresistible to the buying public. Duracell Plus provide up to 40% more power than the standard cheap Duracell batteries and are ideal for use in devices such as digital cameras.

Even the basic versions of AA and AAA batteries from Duracell provide long-lasting power, all at a highly affordable price. This makes cheap Duracell batteries the ideal stock to carry during the lead-up to the festive season when sales of this type of product are at their height.

The Duracell brand has long been linked with the Duracell Bunny, which made its first appearance over forty years ago. The Bunny advertising campaign helped to reinforce the message in the minds of the public that Duracell batteries last longer than many other similar products. This is one of the main reasons why the Duracell name remains one of the most trusted by consumers. In addition to their standard batteries, Duracell now also include rechargeable batteries within their range. Boasting very high-capacity StayCharged technology, Duracell Rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without losing power and provide up to fifty-five hours of use.

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