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Cif Cleaner is a famous brand of cleaning products. MX wholesale supply Cif products at the best price in the UK. Cif creams with unbeatable cleaning power help you to get beautiful home & easy life. Cif brand belongs to Unilever company. Cif products are famous because of their powerful deep cleaning and quick effect on germs. Home beautification is aim of Cif group, you can have sparkling clean home with its best-selling abrasive cleaners. Cif floor cleaner cut through tough germs from the floors and you have shiny bathroom and no limescale with the help of cif bathroom cleaner series. Always you have a beautiful ending with Cif. MX Wholesale tries to provide most popular cleaning products with best price. Browse our online discount store to find top brands for less. Enjoy your shopping.

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  • Cif Mould Stain Remover Spray 500ml

    Cif Mould Stain Remover Spray has been scientifically designed to remove mould stains and can be used on a wide range of surfaces including: bath tubs, toilets, showers, tiled walls...
  • CIF Cream Lemon 500ml.

    CIF Cream Lemon 500ml removes the dirt you never thought you'd get rid of The millions of micro-particles contained in each drop will clean kitchens, bathrooms and more, removing 100%...
  • CIF Cream Original With Micro Crystals 500ml

    Cif Cream Original with its ocean breeze scent is packed with millions of natural microcrystals derived from limestone. The ‘microcrystals’ in our Cif cream are microparticles made from a naturally...
  • Cif Bathroom Mousse Citrus 500ml

    Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Mousse offers you minimal effort with maximum results!Its unique and powerful formula, in an easy to use mousse format, is an amazing bathroom cleaner leaving...
  • Cif Cream Citrus 750ml

    Cif Cream Citrus 750ml
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