Win in our Movember Competition

Christmas spirit hasn't really got to me yet and I'm not really feeling in the mood at the moment (but that's not to say I won't be soon) I don't know why maybe it's because I haven't seen any Christmas lights yet or heard any Christmas songs or maybe it's because I'm more excited about something else...MOVEMBER

If you haven't heard about Movember or you are currently thinking 'why does he keep spelling November incorrectly' then let me explain. Movember has been set up as a bit of fun where men (and even some women) all across the world bring back the moustache and grow the best one they can within the month with the purpose of raising awareness and money for testicular cancer.
In my opinion this is great idea and fantastic way to sponsor a worthy cause plus it's funny as hell to see a bunch of young men together with styled taches looking like they are from the 1920s (they apparently had a lot back then!). I'm sure many wives and girlfriends will disagree when I say it's funny especially when they have to attend a wedding or important event with said people but that makes it all the funnier for me.

This Movember MX wholesale are joining the fun and we are launching our own Movember Competition and giving away a £50 voucher to the winning tache!
In the process we want to raise as much for charity as possible too. So please, please donate! (Click here or add a donation to your order)

All you have to do to enter the competition is send in your moustache picture to us by posting your image on our facebook page (here) tweeting it to us (here) or emailing it to
We are not too strict the only strict rules we have is it must be you and you must print out an hold up our Movember image in the picture (to prove it's you and its taken this month)