Why Your Business Should be Using Premium Printer Paper

Your company's stationery is often the first experience customers will have with your organisation, and in a competitive commercial environment, it is imperative that this first impression be a good impression. Choosing a quality but cheap printer paper for a business letterhead can be a complicated procedure, but there are some general guidelines.



Matching Your Stationery with Your Business

Central to your decision is the question of how you want your company to be perceived by customers, competitors and business contacts? For example, a large firm of solicitors serving private clients may want to reflect tradition, professionalism and a degree of gravity, while a funky health food concern may want to display its fun side or its commitment to certain social or environmental issues. It is likely that the former will choose a cream or off-white heavy-grade paper, while the latter may choose a coloured and/or recycled paper.

As a critical piece of your company's wider marketing, you will need to consider how your paper fits in with other corporate stationery, such as business cards and compliments slips. You will, in general, want these to match your paper and contribute to the overall impression of your businesses. To this end, you should check that the full range of your office stationery is complemented by your selection of paper.


The Practical Considerations: Cheap Printer Paper

The most obvious practical question relates to budget and how much your firm is willing and able to invest in its stationery. It is worth investigating prices on a continuing basis in order to make an informed decision, enabling you to procure the absolute best possible stationery for the best possible price.

A further and no less important cost factor is ensuring that the paper you choose for a business letterhead can be printed, copied and otherwise processed by your existing office equipment. For example, some modern officeware is designed for lighter grades of paper. Clearly, finding at the last minute that either the paper or the machinery would have to be changed would be a costly, time-consuming and inconvenient blow for any organisation.


Recycled Printer Paper

Most businesses these days will at least consider recycled paper. As well as being environmentally friendly, it can impress on customers the belief that yours is a thoughtful and responsible company. In the past, it's fair to say that recycled paper was expensive, not especially aesthetically pleasing and occasionally incompatible with office equipment. Over recent years, however, its cost and appearance have improved, and it can usually be used in standard copiers and printers. While it will not be suitable for everyone, if you can find a recycled paper which matches your needs, it warrants serious consideration.

It is an old axiom that first impressions count, and nowhere is this more true than in the business world. Choosing the right paper for your letterhead provides the perfect platform for showcasing your company to prospective customers. Bear the preceding pieces of advice in mind, and you will be able to make the right decision.


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