What's Stoptober and how can i make some money from it?

"During October, thousands of people across England are taking part in Stoptober - a new, exciting 28 day challenge to stop smoking.
There's lots of free support to help you along the way - and the great news is that by stopping smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree" - Stoptober website


Aside from the obvious harms and the hugely increased risks of developing the big 'C' below are some more reasons for stopping smoking

3 More Good Reasons To Quit Smoking?

There are various reasons why we should give up smoking. Some you are probably aware of and some may be new to you but here is a quick run down of why smoking just isn't doing it for us anymore...

1. You'll have more money to spend!!

The typical price for a box of 20 cigarettes in the UK is £7.50. SEVEN POUNDS FIFTY! That's a fair bit and if you go on to buying a 20 pack everyday that's averaging £50 a week/ £200 a month on smoking! Over a year that could be £2,400 spent on smoking. What could you do with all that extra money? a nice holiday perhaps?

2. You'll be sleeping better! Those sheep won't count themselves!

A study by the American College has found that smokers are 4 times more likely to have a restless sleep as every night your body goes through the withdrawals of nicotine. Cut out the fags and you'll increase your sleep each night.

3. You'll inhale less germs!

They've recently found cigarettes to be crawling in germs, although research has yet to confirm how harmful these germs are but imagine, once you stop smoking you won't have to worry about sucking them down to your lungs!

4. You'll be less likely to develope psoriasis! Research has shown that daily smoking of over 20 cigarettes is linked to an increased risk of developing the nasty disease.