Rat Glue Traps & Mouse Glue Traps Taken Off Of Sale

MX Wholesale: Maximum support for the #unstuck campaign.

In an act to show our support for the #unstuck campaign and put an end to the cruelty to rodents caused by rodent glue traps, we have decided to withdraw all Rat Glue Traps and Mouse Glue Traps from our wholesale products catalogue.

After being contacted by the Humane Society International who raised our awareness of the issues cause by these sorts of rat and mice glue traps we have now withdrawn all these items from sale. You can find out more information about the issues caused by these traps and why we have withdrawn them from the Humane Societies campaign page here http://www.hsi.org/world/united_kingdom/news/releases/2015/10/unstuck-glue-trap-campaign-launch-101315.html

Mouse Glue Traps - Rat Glue Traps