Poundline Wholesale Items

As a retail concept, the core idea of pound stores is to provide a second-to-none value for money service to customers. Now a regular sight on your local high street, pound lines have taken their place amongst the cafes, grocers and butchers. Discount shops rose to peak popularity during the recession where consumers were forced to tighten their budgets and look for the best possible deals on their everyday goods. Specialising primarily in household items that the average consumer would use on a daily basis, and branching out into items such as gifts and toys for children, pound line shops have been

able to cater to a wider market that’s looking for discounts on their already strained budget.

Here at MX Wholesale, we understand that pound stores are now a competitive market, so you need to stock your pound shop with quality items that are going to gain you return business as well as maximum profit. All of our pound line stock has been carefully chosen for its superior quality in the pound line market and covers a diverse range of customer needs from housewares including kitchenware, refuse & garden solutions, stationery, toys & games, health & beauty, gifts, clothing, smoking paraphernalia and other everyday use items suitable for the bargain-hunter mentality of pound line shoppers.

When launching a pound shop, one of the hardest choices you have to make is which stock to start with. We’ve put together a whole department with Pound Linewholesale stock to get you started. However, if you need an extra helping hand, here’s a few of our top picks of product categories for stocking your pound line business.

Target Everyday Necessities eg. Bin Bags

Wholesale Bin Bags

Bin bags might not be the most glamorous stock items, but are an everyday necessity for your entire customer base. Evergreen items such as these will ensure that you always have a base stock of items that are continually relevant throughout the year.

Fit in with Daily Routine eg. Sponges

Wholesale Sponges

Washing up is a daily task for most of your customer base, so providing them with tools that they’ll use and reuse, then most importantly come back for more, is a really important consideration. Target household tasks like this and you’ll be setting yourself up for return business in no time.

Undercut the Market eg. Celebration Cards

Wholesale Greeting Cards

As traditional card & gift shops increase their prices, many turn to pound stores for their celebration card needs for the consistently low prices. Having a good stock of greeting cards will attract customers all year round.









When you buy from MX Wholesale, you can be sure that you’re purchasing wholesale items at competitive prices that ensure you will make a successful profit from your pound store business! Browse our full wholesale pound line collection for more  bulk-buying ideas.