How Your Business Can Profit From Euro 2016

There are lots of events on the 2016 calendar from which business can make a substantial profit, especially when it comes to the highly anticipatedEuro 2016 football tournament.

But are you too busy to figure out what your business could be doing to earn extra cash from the tournament?

We’ve got all the handy tips and guides to earning a profit from the Euro 2016 football tournament and what you should be looking out for to ensure you don’t end up spending more than you bring in.

Restaurants and public houses

You can do some new and amazing things when you are in a the restaurant or pub business

  • Create a new menu

How about a ‘Steak and Bale’ pie? A plate of ‘Nolito’s Doritos’, or a ‘Shane foot – Long’ hot dog? Corny we know, but it will work. Especially if you serve it with a bit of a twist. Add novelty flags or a free drink with the meal…you’ll be quids in in no time.

The good thing about this is – you still order the same stock. All you need are a few posters and laminated menus for a limited period.

  • Games, spot prizes etc.

How about a weeklythemed quiz, a family day, or event with a Euro’s theme? Once you’ve chosen your event, offer ‘two for one’ deals, ‘kids go free’ offers etc.

Get your hands on some prizes and raffle them off or have a European fancy dress? …The list really is endless. As long as you advertise it well enough, you’ll get people through the doors. (I.e. posters, flyers, local press adverts etc.)

Football Bunting

Retail shops

  • Decoration and bunting

Get the streamers out, decorate the manikins, grab the bunting and drape the flags! It’s time to go all out in an effort to get more customers.

Why not ask all the other shops on the high street to enter into a ‘best shop window’ competition? (knowing that you’ve already gone a long way in to ensuring you’re the winner).

That way, you’ll all get a slice of the ‘financial pie’ meaning you can create a carnival style atmosphere with various activities – at a low cost.

If people see something going on, their curiosity will get the better of them.

  • Euro offers

One of the best we’ve ever seen is when a small retail shop offered 20% discount on any item of clothing when you gave them either a shiny Panini Euro sticker (or 3 player stickers) in exchange.

Ideas like this are so novelty, they set you aside from the competition. So despite the discounted offer, you generally get more people coming through the doors – i.e. more sales!


Offices and large businesses

  • Events and campaigns

Hit the public with a double message! Why not promote your service/product with a football theme?

Former Euro championship ideas for businesses include:

  1. Buy a service/product – get a free flag, football or branded shirt
  2. Buy a service/product – be entered into a draw to win free tickets to a football match
  3. You could also organize a new advertising/marketing campaign!  

I.e. attend networking events and/or conferences and/or set up stands in highly populated areas. Then get the public to sign up to your service and/or mailing system and social media and when they do, give away freebies. (the public LOVE freebies)

The point of this is – you don’t break the bank…. and you add names to your mailing system and get additional contacts for your business/business mailing system.

Others will also be genuinely interested in the product/service you offer because you’re marketing yourself in a slightly more ‘light hearted’ way.

The entrepreneur

Ok, so you may be a student / unemployed and you want to earn a little extra coin. Or maybe you’re a startup business looking to expand.

Well an event like the European championships is something you can certainly cash in on.

How about:

  1. Selling flags, hats and face paints etc. (you may require a licence if you wish to sell them on the street)
  2. Online shopping – buy awebsite domain and find a host, then add various Euro items on it and pay an SEO company a one off monthly fee to maintain it (making sure you use traditional marketing methods to advertise it)
  3. Ask a retailer to stock something for you.

Shop around online for products you haven’t seen in stores, buy a batch, then ask a small, independent retailer if they will stock the products for you.

The best way to negotiate is to offer the retailer a cut of the profits, but it’s also important to make sure you buy the right things first.

Why do the public want these products? How much will they pay? Once you know the answers, you’re good to go!