How to Make Fun Halloween Paper Creations

One of the best things about Halloween is that there are some really great crafts to try. Wholesale craft supplies available at MX Wholesale, such as coloured Jaguarita corrugated paper are a great basis for lots of projects and perfect for experimenting with different designs. Kids love getting involved, and with so many novel ideas to try there really is something for everyone. We challenge you to have a go at making some of our top Halloween creations.


1. Wicked Witch of the West

Witches are one of the most popular Halloween themes, and there are plenty of great crafty ideas to try that feature them. Making a paper model of a witch might sound tricky but is far easier than you might think. The body can be crafted by rolling strips of black Jaguartia corrugated paper into a large cone. To do this, first make a spiral and then gently push through the centre until it forms a cone. Secure with glue or tape. Fold two narrow cardboard cylinders to make the feet. Fold two small black cones to create the arms, and you can add little flesh-coloured rolls for the hands. Use the same card rolled into a spiral to make a circle for the face, before adding details such as eyes, nose and a mouth. The witch’s hat is made from black cardboard rolled into another cone and secured to the head. You could even give your witch a cardboard broom to hold.

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2. Spooky Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin

Few things say Halloween more than pumpkins, but carving these with very young children is not the most sensible idea. Why not let them get involve in the fun by letting them create their very own cardboard Jack O’Lantern? Take strips of orange Jaguarita corrugated paper and roll into a large spiral, securing at the end. Gently push the middle through until you have a dome shape. Repeat the process with another length of orange card, and then stick the two together to form a sphere. Roll green card to give your pumpkin a stalk before creating a sinister face with pieces of cut-out black card.

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3. Evil Little Girl

What about an evil girl? Is she a creepy ghost or something more sinister? Make the body, legs, arms and face in the same way as the witch. The cone for her dress is made simply by rolling strips of card into a spiral and then pushing the centre to create a cone. Use purple paper for a ghoulish touch. Give your spooky girl some great Halloween hair by laying long thin strips of cardboard over the top of the head. Add a broomstick made by securing thin strips of brown card to a stick to look like bristles.

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How to make a Halloween Jack O’Lantern with Wholesale Craft Supplies

Fancy giving it a try? Follow the steps below to make your very own spooky Halloween Jack O’Lantern with the simple rolling technique.

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There are plenty of fun Halloween crafts to try that kids of all ages can get involved in to feed their creativity. Most designs are extremely simple and rely on just rolling or folding strips of paper. With so many different colours to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice and can bring a range of crafty designs to life. Why don't you make your own Halloween crafts and share them with us on Facebook or Twitter?