Get in the Charitable Spirit

Here at MX Wholesale we love to support charitable cases wherever we can, and one of the main charitable events in our calendar is the arrival of shoebox appeals. Traditionally launched around the Christmas season, shoebox appeals ask the public to prepare shoeboxes full of warm clothes, canned goods and long-life cosmetics that can be passed on to those in need, not just here in the UK but all around the world. Christmas is a time of giving and charity and we firmly believe that our customers should be joining in with the charitable spirit and choosing wholesale goods to donate to these charitable causes.



While many local charities may be running shoebox appeals, and you should certainly look into donating close to home, some of the most well-known shoebox appeals with far-reaching audiences are as follows:



International Aid Trust


Many of these charities will specify the types of items that they’d like to see in your donated shoebox, so if you’re planning on donating more than one shoe box, buying wholesale products can be a fantastic way of delivering good quality products at low cost to yourself to people who will treasure them. At MX Wholesale we provide a wide variety of items suitable for shoebox appeals, including clothing such as hats, gloves and scarves, toys & games for children’s shoe boxes, and basic healthy & beauty items such as deodorant and soap so you can pack your shoebox with helpful items that will be enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.

Clothing for Shoebox Appeals

Basic clothing is a favourite item for shoebox appeals, with items of warmwear being the most popular gifted items. Most appeals will ask you to donate hats, gloves and scarves in your shoebox so choose from our wide selection of wholesale knitwear to find unisex clothing items.

Toys & Games for Shoebox Appeals

Many children’s shoebox appeals will ask for simple toys and games that children would enjoy playing with. If you’re donating internationally, please ensure that the chosen toy or gift does not require reading in a particular language. The best toys are the simplest!

Cosmetics for Shoebox Appeals

When choosing cosmetics suitable for shoebox appeals, consider that the shoeboxes may be travelling far and wide across varying temperatures so never choose anything that can melt or leak. The best choices include bars of soap or roll on deodorants.

Choose as many items as will fit in your chosen shoe boxes and make sure you choose a selection of each wholesale category, paying close attention to the lists of suitable items specified by the charities.