Blackbushe Market closes after shock announcement

Traders from all of the UK have been left shocked after one of the country's biggest markets Blackbushe Market closes suddenly.

Despite frequent denials, owners British Car Auctions confirmed the news on May 5 - blaming a decline in trade.

BCA has owned Blackbushe Market, in Camberley, since 1984.

It means Sunday's market on May 3 was the last one, with stallholders saying the decision came out of the blue to them.

A former visitor to the Blackbushe Market has called on landowners British Car Owners (BCA) to rethink their decision to close the market.

Lisa Davies, from Whitley, has set up an online petition to reopen it following the decision by BCA to shut it with immediate effect on Tuesday, May 5.

She said the decision had come as a shock to traders and customers at the market in Yateley which offered good ranging from clothes to meat and fresh vegetables.

Mrs Davies said: "I don't think it should have gone as far as it has.

"I've spoken to some of the traders and they're all devastated about it.

"I think there were ways round it.

"The traders have lost money as well because customers who made orders weeks ago can't come and pick them up now."

She added: "I've been going there since I was a little girl and they used to organise coach trips over there.

"But the market hasn't been advertised enough now, that's the problem.

"It's not advertised much in the papers and you don't see it on signs,

"The elderly can't get there either because the coach trips have stopped.

"People don't know where it is or what's there and I don't think there was any need to shut it straight away."

Mrs Davies' father, Frank Dunaway, of Reading, has been going to the market since the 1970s.

He said: "We need to reopen it. It is an icon, if it had more advertising than it was getting it would thrive.

"I think it is all wrong to shut it down.

"We need to try to save it. We cannot let them pull the plug and let it go to mothballs."

Shocked traders

Traders at the market have been left stunned by the announcement of its closure.

The longest serving butcher at Blackbushe Market, Ron Buckingham from RB meats, said he was devastated he did not have a chance to let customers know where else he trades.

Mr Buckingham who traded at the market for 25 years said: “I am absolutely shocked at the treatment received from BCA.

“I am devastated I didn’t have chance to inform my loyal customers, that come to me in all weather, that I also trade in Aldershot on Thursdays and Farnborough on Sundays.”

Norma Pynn of Partridge Avenue, Yateley, has used the market for the past 19 years and echoed Mr Buckingham’s comments.

She said if she had known in advance that the market was closing, she would have got the details of the stall she bought plants from.

Mrs Pynn said: “It’s so sad they have treated people like this. Why did they have to do an instant cut-off? It seems a bit cruel.

“I regularly buy all my plants and beautiful hanging baskets there and would have got them last week, had I known then. I don’t know where I’m going to go to get them now.

“On Sunday many stallholders and potential customers will arrive at the market area and there will be chaos and a lot of anger and surprise.

“It is such a sad and unjust way to end the market.”

The petition aims to get 100 signatures to help re-open the market.


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