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If you're the person responsible for purchasing stationery or shop supplies for your retail store or business, you should know that two things really matter when it comes to buying business supplies: quality and value for money. You'll find that all of our products offer both of these things, whether you are shopping for wage packet envelopes for payday or a note checker pen for counterfeit bank notes.

In fact, our range of business and retail supplies includes everything you need to run your business efficiently and stay organised. An organised business is a profitable business!

Bank note tester pens are a must-have for retail stores these days; after all, you wouldn't want to be caught out accepting fake notes, would you? A quick swipe of our handy note checker pen and you'll easily be able to detect counterfeit bank notes, ensuring that your business isn't left out-of-pocket. You can feel confident accepting even high denomination notes such as £50 notes with one of these pens on hand.

As any business owner or HR manager knows, ensuring staff are paid on time is key to running a successful business, and with our wage packet envelopes (available in great value-for-money packs of 70), it's easy to make sure that pay slips are sent on time and staff are happy.

Monitoring your cash flow is also a vital part of running a business, and you can stay on top of things with our handy invoice books. Each one contains 80 crisp invoices ready to be filled out with your details.

Whatever you're looking for when it comes to shop supplies or business stationery, you will find it here. Make your life easier and pick up everything you need to keep things running smoothly, whatever industry you work in.

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25 Item(s)

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