No Minimum Wholesale Order

Our Order Process

Below is some information to help you understand the stages undertaken in processing your order.


This is the status your order is set to when it is placed, when at this stage we have not collected your goods and have NOT collected any payment.


At this stage we invoice your goods to our warehouse, one of our pickers will then collect and weigh your goods and send the invoice back up to our office (It is not uncommon for this stage to not appear on your order and it skips straight to processing)


At this stage our office makes any neccasary ammendments to your order and calculates the carriage from the weight of your goods, This figure is then added to your order and payment is deducted (or requested if paying by a method other than card payment)


Your order status will be updated to this status when your goods are ready to be collected from us by one of our couriers. At this stage our system will also automatically send you an email to let you know its been dispatched.

If your goods are being dispatched via one of our parcel services and you live in mainland UK you can normally expect to receive your goods the next working day, this only applies if you receive this email before 2pm if it's after 2pm then it will probably be 2 working days.

Parcel deliveries can be tracked online using your consignment number which is sent in your dispatch email, you can track them online at

If your goods are on a pallet service couriers can take up to 5 days to deliver to more remote locations.

Pending - Awaiting Payment

Your status will normally only be updated to this if you have chosen to pay by a method other than credit or debit card and we are waiting to receive payment from you or are waiting for your payment to clear.  

On Hold - Payment Declined

If you have chosen to pay by credit or debit card but we have been unable to take the funds from it then your order status will be updated to this. If this is the status of your order please do not worry, it is usually something as simple as you have mis-typed a digit when entering your details.

What To Do

At your earliest convenience please check your account to make sure the neccassary funds are available and contact us  with your card details to hand on 023 8033 6111    

On Hold

If you would like us to hold your order for you then we can do this for up to 10days.

Customers will normally request this because they know they need an order but cannot take delivery of it yet and do not want it to sell out. 

Please note a deposit may be required if you would like us to hold an order for you. 

Pending - Ready For Collection

If you have requested to collect your goods from MX Wholesale Southampton warehouse your order status will be updated to this when your goods have been picked and are ready for collection.

If there is a time when you would like to collect your wholesale order from us please write this in the notes section when going through the checkout process.

Collections are available during warehouse opening times only monday-friday between 9.00am - 5.30pm.  

When collecting you may still add items that are available in our showroom if you wish.

Pending - Awaiting Stock

If we have not got enough stock in our warehouse to fulfill your order but know it will be coming in to us within the next couple of days we may mark your order as this, if its going to be longer than a week we will contact you to let you know and ask if you would like to wait.


If you or MX have cancelled your order for any reason then we will update your order status to this. 

Pending - Awaiting Response

If we have asked you a question to do with your order or delivery and are waiting for a responseyou will recieve an email from us with the question and your status will be set to the above.

 If you have any questions about your wholesale order or would like more information on any stage in our process please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team. 

Any questions about your order should be asked through the messages tab in your account when logged in.

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